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New Product Initiatives

SMSCountry is a leading provider of pathbreaking telecom solutions to address complex communication needs. Our core competencies lie in developing highly scalable, reliable, and easy to deploy digital breakthroughs. Over the years we have leveraged our technical expertise to align ourselves with customer-centric ethos and help serve a larger purpose in the society. Our product repository consists a variety of apps that build a more meaningful customer-experience.

grptalk is an audio conferencing app, designed to let you communicate with a group of people from anywhere, and at any time. It enables ‘instant conferencing’ directly from your phone, much like making a regular phone call.


SirenButton is a telephone and web-based emergency notification system which allows you to alert 500 contacts, instantly. It raises an alarm through a single button and sends distress signals in local languages.


TABIIB Pro enables doctors to reach more patients through its dependable, easy-to-use, interactive platform. It helps in managing appointments, effectively, for one or more clinics, Consequently, it allows doctors to self-advertise and grow their patient base.


TABIIB helps patients find doctors of various specialties easily through its location and specialisation settings. Patients can book appointments online, track queue status and avail easy online and offline payment options.


JUMAN is a seamless online ticketing platform to book shows and events. It permits event planners to post event details and allows attendees to register, reserve, and pay for selected seats.


WanasaTime is an online ticket booking service for movies, events and shows. The platform efficiently covers all payment channels across Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to help furnish quality online transactions to customers.

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