7 Incredible Benefits of Voice Broadcasting & IVR

In 2016, a study on the reliability of email marketing vs. IVR-enabled email marketing concluded that marketing strategies relying solely on email-based communication led to a selective inclusion of specific populations. Over the years, or Interactive voice response or IVR has managed to carve out its niche and hold its own as well. First used for public health survey work and customer service in the United States in the 1970s, IVR has played a significant role in international development efforts as well as marketing communications around the globe.

The term IVR is used to describe automated systems that let humans interact with systems through mobile devices using voice — ranging from traditional pre-recorded messages to contemporary speech to text applications available on smartphones, like Cortana on Windows Phones, or Siri on Apple devices.

Today, voice broadcasting & IVR is used as a valuable marketing tool for event promotion, product/service information, delivery confirmation, phone surveys, and personalized messages to customers. The benefits of IVR range from — improved customer services and cost-effective business promotions, to enhance organizational reach. Below, we list 7 incredible reasons that should you make think twice about using other forms of communication over voice broadcast:

1) Lends a Personal Touch
Voice broadcast is considered more personal than text-based communications such as email or SMS. Businesses feel that IVR fits the bill in terms of getting the right message across or defining the company’s attitude. The only thing to remember here is that the recording and the voice over artist should sound professional and memorable.

2) Provides an Interactive Experience
People who receive the IVR message can respond directly from their touchpad or voice. This interactive opportunity opens up a network of choices for users who can hear the recording and dial the correct menu options to record their individual responses.

3) Offers Flexibility
In IVR, messages can be easily interchanged, altered or recorded according to the requirements. Companies can also generate new content and start broadcasting instantly.

4) Reaches Remote Locations
Unlike written texts, voice broadcasting can reach out to people who can’t read or are visually impaired. Most people prefer to listen to or talk to someone, rather than reading an email or a text.

5) Is Consistent
The consistency of message, voice, and tone is vital to any business. And, ordinary desk phones won’t suffice. An IVR offers uniformity of the brand image and ensures that every customer query receives equal attention.

6) Is Fast
With voice broadcast, companies can schedule a large number of calls, simultaneously. It’s one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to disseminate product/service information.
7) Is Scalable
With a voice broadcast & IVR, thousands of calls can be scheduled at the same time. If you have an extensive marketing list or client base, voice broadcasting offers scalability options like no other service.


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5 Incredible Benefits of SMS Marketing

Are you about to run an SMS marketing campaign? Are you considering integrating SMS into your current marketing strategy? If you answered yes to either question, look no further, because this blog is perfect for you!

SMS marketing instantly boosts customer reach and is one of the most effective marketing strategies used by business owners around the globe. From the moment you hit “Send” to the moment your subscriber receives your text, the average time taken for SMS delivery is under 7 seconds.

SMS marketing is instant, effective and economical, but that’s not all. There are many other potential benefits, which businesses could explore.

Below we list five of the best SMS marketing strategies for your business:

1) Flexible Platform

An SMS Marketing gateway allows users to send bulk SMS to thousands of subscribers at once, just by syncing their contact list.

2) Targeted Reach

SMS marketing gives users the best chance of reaching their target audience directly, and increase business opportunities.  

3) High Conversion Rate

An SMS takes less than a minute to read. It is exceptionally good for converting skeptics into subscribers, no matter the type of promotion or event.  

4) High Open Rate

Because it’s quicker to read SMS, a subscriber might find it more convenient to read a text, than an email that often lies unattended in their inbox.

5) Cost-Effective

Unlike other marketing strategies, users don’t have to worry about going over budget while marketing. If anything, SMS is more economical to utilize than any other marketing strategy.

We hope our blog has helped you understand a few benefits of SMS marketing, and how the power of SMS can easily boost your customer reach.

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Best Practices Of SMS Marketing In 2017

We hope 2017 has been great in terms of connecting with existing and new customers. Just in case you’ve missed any of the SMS Marketing tips of 2017, here's a recap of what worked best for some of the major players.

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