Send SMS - The Simplest Way of Sending SMS

Send SMS is one of the simplest features of SMSCountry. With this you can easily send SMS from our website to your friends, family, customers, clients etc.

Using Send SMS, you can send -

  • Plain and simple English SMSText messages, each 160 characters long.
  • Regional Language SMS (Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Russian, Hindi, Tamil etc), each upto 70 characters long, using your language enabled key board or any software that supports your language.
  • Flash SMS - Unlike the regular SMS Text message, this doesn't land into the inbox/memory of the Recipient's mobile phone but flashes onto his/her mobile screen.

How to Send SMS Text Messages?

  • Logon to with your "Username" and "Password".
  • You are on "My Account" page. In the "Send SMS" sub-menu on the top right part of the page, you would find "English SMS", "Language SMS" and "Flash SMS" links. Click on the link of your choice.
  • Enter the recipient's mobile number in the space provided. You can also enter multiple mobile numbers separated by commas (with or without a blank space in-between). You can also pick the mobile numbers of your contacts from your SMSCountry Phonebook.
  • Note: Please enter the mobile numbers in the International Standard Format i.e. <Country Code> followed by <Mobile Number>. For UK mobiles, please enter as 4478xxxxxxxx; for India, please enter as 9198xxxxxxxx; for UAE, please enter as 97150xxxxxxx etc.
  • Type in your SMS Text message in the space provided. The character count is displayed just below this message box; this helps to fine-tune your message and convey the entire meaning in 160 characters.
  • Note: For sending Language SMS, you can use either your language keyboard or any software that supports your language.
  • Click on the "Send SMS" button to send your SMS Text message instantly to all the intended recipients. To clear the data in the message box, click on "Clear All" button.


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