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Voice SMS


  • Outbound Dialer

    Communicate with your users in their own language. Record message in your own voice(by calling our number), convert text to speech or upload a clip and transmit immediately as phone calls to your group. You can also set the number of times the call is to be retried or set up an expiry time for the call.

  • Outbound Dialer with IVR

    Make your communication two way with our advanced IVR functionality. Ask your users questions and get their responses back in real time. Great for getting back confirmations, feedback and opinions from your users. Our web Interface makes it very easy to create your own IVR .

  • Missed Call Numbers

    Generate leads from your ads, Sign-up users for your loyalty program, Live event polls etc using a missed call number. Follow the missed call with a SMS or a call from your sales team. Responses for a missed call number are 10 times more as compared to a regular phone number.

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

    Automate customer feed back for your business without human resource expenses.Capture the feedback of your customers with voice calls . The call will play the recorded message and collect keys pressed by the recipient

  • Features

  • Text to Speech

    With our advanced Text to Speech engine, we can convert your typed message into natural sounding Voice clip. We have over 100 voices that support more than 20 languages. You could also send a custom message to each client for a more personal communication.

  • Record & Send on the Go

    Send voice calls to all your group members on the go without the need for a computer or internet. Call our number to record your message, select a group and send it instantly. Great for sending urgent broadcasts like office closures, holiday greetings etc.

  • Pay per Usage

    With our transparent pricing and billing, you only pay for what you use. There are no monthly charges on your account. Only answered calls are billed to your account. Our detailed reports list all calls and statuses for complete transparency.

  • API Integration

    Integrate our API’s into your existing applications and build consumer centric systems. Our engineers will work with you and support you in application integration.

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Solutions by Industry

Financial Services

  • Transaction Alerts
  • Payment Due Notifications
  • Payment Received Confirmations

IT Enabled Services

  • Password Reset Notifications
  • Server Downtime Notifications
  • Integration into ERP Systems


  • Integration with attendance
  • School closure notifications
  • Fee reminders

Stock Market

  • Trade Confirmations
  • End of Day Positions
  • Market News
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