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Bulk SMS Pricing and Coverage

To Send SMS from SMSCountry, you need to recharge your account with a certain 'Amount of money' and we would offer you an applicable discount for that recharge. It is similar to recharging your mobile phone. We offer recharge packs of various denominations, with each denomination of recharge having a discount % associated with it.

The specific price per SMS, would depend upon the country and network where you wish to send the SMS .

Specific Price per SMS

Country :  
Currency :  
Total SMS :  
SMS PACK Transactional Price Per SMS Promotional Price Per SMS
5,000 0.40 INR 0.40 INR
10,000 0.30 INR 0.30 INR
25,000 0.28 INR 0.28 INR
50,000 0.25 INR 0.25 INR
100000 0.22 INR 0.22 INR
5 lak or above 0.20 INR 0.20 INR
SMS PACK Price Per SMS (AED) Price Per SMS (USD) Price Per SMS (EUR)
5,000 0.13 AED 0.0356 USD 0.0302 EUR
10,000 0.12 AED 0.0337 USD 0.0286 EUR
20,000 0.11 AED 0.0328 USD 0.0278 EUR
30,000 0.10 AED 0.0318 USD 0.0278 EUR
40,000 0.09 AED 0.0318 USD 0.0270 EUR
50,000 0.09 AED 0.0311 USD 0.0270 EUR
SMS Range Price per SMS (OMR)
5,000 0.010
10,000 0.009
25,000 0.008
50,000 0.0074
100,000 0.0068
200,000 0.0062
500,000 0.0055
1Million 0.0045
For More Details Contact Our Customer Care
Contact Us : 040-23-120-000 (OR) Email Us :
Note : GST of 18% is applicable
Your recharge is valid for a period of Six Months from the date of last recharge.

Steps to purchase SMS online:

  1. Logon to using your Username and Password.
  2. You are on the "Compose" page.
  3. Click on the "My Account"
  4. Click on the "Balance" button to take you to the payment options page.
  5. Click on "Buy" button
  6. Select the Amount and click on "Add to Cart"
  7. Click on "Proceed Checkout" and select "Pay Now" tab.
  8. To pay through CCAvenue click on "Pay In INR"
  9. To pay through PayPal click on "Pay In USD" and follow the steps mentioned to complete the payment.
Once the payment process is completed successfully, you shall be redirected to the "My Account" page and would be able to see your Cummulative balance.
For purchases of more than 500 USD, Money transfer will have to be either offline or wired transfer. Please contact for further details.
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Solutions by Industry

Financial Services

  • Transaction Alerts
  • Payment Due Notifications
  • Payment Received Confirmations

IT Enabled Services

  • Password Reset Notifications
  • Server Downtime Notifications
  • Integration into ERP Systems


  • Integration with attendance
  • School closure notifications
  • Fee reminders

Stock Market

  • Trade Confirmations
  • End of Day Positions
  • Market News
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