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Send Bulk SMS from Saudi Arabia

Serving over 30,000 clients across 5 continents

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    Powerful & Open Platform

    Our powerful technology platform can handle all your business needs, and our APIs integrate seamlessly with your IT applications.
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    Quality & Support

    We back our technology platform with a dedicated group of customer support specialists to assist you with any issues.
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    International Coverage

    We leverage our platform & connectivity with telecom operators to enable SMS delivery to over 200 countries, across 550 networks.

Our Bulk SMS Services Are

Trusted By The Best

SMSCountry provides a breakthrough technology platform, which is the one stop solution for all your enterprise communication needs. Our easy-to-use products let you send SMS from Saudi Arabia to over 200 countries, across 550 networks.

Bulk SMS Features:

2 Way SMS

Our 2 Way Messaging platform lets you send and receive SMS, manage incoming messages, garner customer feedback, and modify/alter or even delete received messages.

Email To SMS

Our "Email2SMS" platform lets you send SMS to multiple recipients from any email client/application to any mobile phone across the globe.

Group SMS

Send a generic message to all recipients or a custom message to each recipient based on a template. Our scalable and robust interface lets you send thousands of SMS messages every second, based on your business needs.

SMS APIs (Application Programming Interface)

Use our diverse range of APIs to connect your website and software applications to our SMS gateway, within a few minutes. Our custom-built APIs enable easy connectivity to our SMS messaging platform.

Microsoft Excel SMS Plug-in

Our MS Excel plugin is a Microsoft certified plugin, which lets users send thousands of personalized & customized SMS messages with a single click.

Desktop SMS Software

Our Desktop SMS Software is a comprehensive and powerful desktop tool that lets you send SMS to mobile phones across the world directly from your computer.

Features and Benefits with SMSCountry, Saudi Arabia:

  • We cover all networks in Saudi Arabia
  • We typically use Microsoft Excel SMS Plugins to send SMS
  • We provide Dynamic Sender ID and SMS Delivery reports to clients
  • We offer SMTP, XML, COM Object, SMPP, HTTP APIs to enable easy integration
  • A team of dedicated customer support specialists to assist you with any issues
  • We deliver SMS to over 200 countries and 550 networks all over the world
  • We deliver Bulk SMS on behalf of our clients and share SMS status reports
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