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     URL :
     1.1 API Request Parameters from Client
User = SmsCountryUserName
Password = SmsCountryPassword

API Response Parameters from Server



     2.1 Parameter Definition :
     The following table gives the list of parameters required for sending message through SMSCountry’s 
 Gateway using the HTTP API.     

Request parameters are as follows :
User Test User User name of the account
Passwd Test Password Password of the account
Sid SMSCountry(default) Sender-id
Mobilenumber Mobile Number Destination Mobile Number
Message Test Message Message to be sen
Mtype N/OL/R/P/L/F/WP/LS Type of message
DR Y/N Delivery report required
SMS_Job_NO Message Id SMS Submitted Return value
mno_msg mobile-number1-message1~mobile-number2-message2 Mobile Number and message pattern for multiple sms API
2.2 USERNAME : User
The user is free to choose his username at the time of registration.The user parameter cannot be more 
than 17 characters long and can only contain alphabets and numbers,with no blank spaces or special 
2.3 PASSWORD : Passwd
The user is free to choose his password at the time of registration. The passwd parameter cannot be more
than 20 characters long and can only contain alphabets and numbers, with no blank spaces or special 
The Sender-Id refers to the Alphanumeric Identity of the Sender. For India Sender id 6 Alpha characters
 are accepted for transactional messages. International SMS can have alphanumeric sender-id 
(of maximum 11 characters).
Please Note:
1.The Sender-Id should be approved by SMSCountry.
2.You can have multiple sender Ids activated in your account.
3.You can send different API calls with different sender ids provided that the sender id is active for your
4.If an API call is made with a sender id not activated in user account then by default his “preferred” sender
  id will be delivered.
5.If user does not have a preferred sender id then by default “SMSCntry” will be delivered at end user mobile.
6.You can change your preferred sender id in “My Account” page by login to

2.4 MOBILE NUMBER : Mobilenumber
This parameter refers to the destination mobile number(s) to which the message is to be sent. It must 
include the country code appended before the mobile number (eg: 9198xxxxxxx, 4478xxxxxxxx, 6591xxxxx).
Any error in this parameter value would lead to non-delivery of the message. The mobile number should 
contain only numbers and no symbols like "+", “-“ etc.
2.5 MESSAGE : Message
The msg parameter refers to the actual message that is to be sent to the destination mobile number. The
format of the message differs depending on the type of message being sent.
For simple text messages,the message can contain numbers, alphabets, spaces and certain special characters. The message can contain a maximum of 160 characters,including spaces. In case of Unicode messaging, the message can contain only numbers in the form of Unicode digits.Further,it can have a maximum of 70 characters i.e. 70 x 4 Unicode digits for each character that means 280 digits. In case of binary messaging, the message can contain only valid 8-bit data string. The binary message can be a maximum of 140 characters only for each SMS. However,Ring tones,Logos and Pictures that exceed 140 characters can be sent as two / three SMS messages. Due to restrictions in the HTTP protocol, the following special characters must be encoded, as shown below, to avoid collision with reserved HTTP characters

2.6 MESSAGE TYPE : Mtype
Message Type is to identify the type of message being sent. The default value of message type is N, which 
refers to Normal text message. SMSCountry’s Gateway classifies the type of messages to be sent on the
basis of this parameter and pushes them accordingly.
Normal Text Message
Unicode Message(eg: Arabic, Chinese, Greek , etc)
Hexa code Message Content


     3.1 Sending a Single Message
     To send a single message of any type(normal text messages, Unicode messages, ring tones, logos and 
picture messages), the gateway requires parameters like User and Passwd for authentication purpose in 
 below URL format).
      An Optional IP validation feature is also available for security of clients who access the gateway via a Global
Static IP.
     3.2 Bulk Messaging
     For sending Bulk SMS messages, the following URL, along with the required parameters,needs to 
be accessed–
     3.3 Sending Multiple Messages to Multiple Mobile numbers (Customized SMS)
     For sending different messages to different mobile numbers in a single call, please use below 
URL along with required parameters:-


     4.1 Customer Status Report
     Each user can check his / her account status (Credits Purchased, Credits Available, etc.)online by login into
SMSCountry account using the user name and password       
     4.2 Delivery Reports
     4.2.1 Accessing Delivery Report with Time Duration
     For accessing delivery report for SMS messages sent during a particular date and time duration, the following
URL, along with the required parameters, needs to be accessed
user=xxxx&passwd=xxxx&fromdate=DD/MM/YYYY 00:00:00 &todate=DD/MM/YYYY 23:59:59
     Response:- jobid~mobilenumber~messagestatus~donestamp~message_text~receivestamp#
     Sample Response:- 123456~919985111111~2~1/1/2008 11:30PM~test sms~1/1/2008 11:29PM      
     4.2.2 Receiving Dynamic Delivery Report
     We also provide you Dynamic Delivery Reports with Call Back Script Option enabled.With this option, we will
send Deliver Reports directly to the URL specified by you.
     To get auto delivery response push at your end you need to provide us a URL that shall read below parameters
from query string.
      1.jobno (ex:- xxxxxx) , mobilenumber (ex:- 91923XXXXXXX)
      2.status (ex:- integer value, please refer API doc for status details
      3.doneTime (ex:-format MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM)
      4.messagepart (ex:- sms message sent by you)
      The table below describes the various types of response from the gateway
SMS message(s) sent a)SMS message(s) sent (If DR=N) b)Unique Number (If DR=Y)
SMS message(s) not sent a) Invalid User Name!! b) Your Account not activated. Please contact Webmaster!! c) Invalid Password!! d) Invalid Data e) Insufficient Balance!!! Please Buy SMS Credits f) Invalid mobile number(s) given g)SMS message(s) not sent h)Mobile number has opted not to receive any sms
Delivery Report Received Successfully a) Mobile_Number-Status-TimeStamp Description for Status 0-Message In Queue 1 - Submitted To Carrier 2 - Un Delivered 3 – Delivered 4 – Expired 8 – Rejected 9 – Message Sent 10 – Opted Out Mobile Number 11 – Invalid Mobile Number
Delivery Report not Received a) Invalid User Name!!
b) Invalid Password!!


     For getting SMS credit balance, the following URL, along with the required parameters, needs to be accessed
    The table below describes the response from the gateway     
SMS Balance Received Successfully a) Number
SMS Balance Not Received Successfully a) Invalid User Name!!
b) Invalid Password!!

6.SMS containing normal text message
    6.1 SMS containing Unicode message (UCS-2)
    Find below an illustration url for sending a message in Arabic
      6.3 SMS containing 8-bit binary data (e.g. for Ring tone/Logo)
     6.4 SMS Containing multiple messages to multiple mobile numbers
user=xxxxx&passwd=yyyyy&mno_msg=919xxxxxxx^Hifirst message.~919xxxxxx^sencond
sms message&DR=Y&mtype=N 
   *The Mobile Number Prefixes seen in red

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