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Cloud Telephony

cloud telephony services


  • IVR

    Set up a custom PBX for your organisation without any equipment and in a matter of minutes. Use your own custom greeting prompts and control each call exactly the way you want to . Give your business a professional telephone system that is intelligent , never busy and available round the clock.

  • Dynamic Call Forwarding

    Never lose a lead using our advanced call forwarding options. Calls can be forwarded seamlessly between offices, departments, agents based on various input parameters like call origin, menu option selected, after office hours support etc. All the configuration can be easily managed from easy to use web interface.

  • Voice Mail

    Let your phone system work even when you are not in office by setting up a voice mail. Voicemail recorded on our system can be accessed from anywhere using our web interface or can also be forwarded as an attachment in an email.

  • Virtual Fax

    Get a Fax number for your business without buying any hardware, paper or supplies. All faxes received on your virtual fax number are forwarded to your email addresses as a PDF attachment. Also, all the faxes are stored on our website permanently for future use. To send faxes , just email your document as an attachment and we will fax it to all the recipients.

  • Features

  • Virtual Phone Numbers

    Use our scalable system to get as many phone numbers as u like for the time period you like. Great for seasonal businesses or special events. Keep them only for the time you need without getting multiple connections for your telecom provider.

  • Custom Call Flows

    Our easy to use interface makes it a breeze to set up how each call is handled by our system. Set which phones to ring in which order for each extension. Advanced features like Call recording, Voicemail, Call forwarding , API integration make our telephone system as flexible as your business demands.

  • Call Recording

    Record conversations your service staff are having with customers for monitoring performance, training of new staff . Call recording is great for Lawyers, Stock brokers and other professionals looking to record contractual conversations. Track all calls made on your number with details such as caller details, time and duration of call.

API Documentation
Our Telephony API is ready to use for all your needs. Click the documentation link below to learn more.

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