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Mobile 2 Many

Now, with our unique Mobile2Many feature, you can easily send bulk SMS to contacts in your Phonebook from your mobile handset. Mobile2Many feature enables you to send SMS to your Phonebook contacts without the need to visit our website.

This is especially useful for persons/businesses who -

1. Are on the move but need to send out an alert/news to their Clients/Customers. 2. Are not connected to or do not have access to the internet. 3. Save on the costs of sending bulk SMS from their mobile phone, particularly when on roaming.
How does Mobile2Many feature work?

Send a single SMS Text message to SMSCountry Gateway Number (+918466997755) with the short name of your Group (Group ID) as the first word in the message. As soon as our server receives the message, it is sent across to all members in that particular Group.

What do I (as a User) need to do to use the Mobile2Many feature?
  • Configure your Mobile2Many settings: Logon to with your "Username" and "Password". You are on "My Account" page. Go to "Mobile2Many Settings". Set the mobile number from which you would send the SMS Text message. The default setting is the mobile number you have entered during the time of registration with SMSCountry. If you wish, you can change it at any point of time by clicking on the "Edit" link.
  • Example: If the short name of the group [i.e. Group ID] is "Off" for Office Group, you can send SMS to all contacts in your Office Group by sending "Off " as the first word of the message. By giving short name to your "Office" Group you saved three characters count for your SMS. View Demo >>>
  • Ensure you have created Groups and sorted your Contacts into these Groups in your SMSCountry Phonebook.
  • Create a short name or Group ID for each Group in "Mobile2Many Settings", so that you don't need to key in a long name when sending an SMS Text message and also save on the SMS character count.

Example 1 - An Equity/Mutual Fund Sales person is out of office and he receives a stock tip. He wants to convey the same to all his important Clients. With SMSCountry's Mobile2Many feature he can communicate to his clients with ease and in a very cost effective manner.

Example 2 - An Administrative Staff member needs to inform the end-of-the-day sales figures, stock status etc to the entire top management team. This would normally require him to stay back late at office to access the internet and send out the SMS Text message. With SMSCountry's Mobile2Many feature, he need not worry about internet connection and simply send out a single SMS. SMSCountry shall take care of the rest. No more late evenings and over time billings!

TIPS for Mobile2Many

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