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Joomla SMS Extension from SMSCountry simplifies your mass communication by automating text/SMS notifications while letting you focus on building your application. Easily personalize one-to-one conversations to create a deeper impact on your customers.

Full Description

SMSCountry’s Joomla extension lets you do the following and much much more. You imagine and we will make it happen.
  1. Send SMS on sign-up, placing order, receiving shipment & more
  2. Promote exclusive offers based on purchase history/loyalty
  3. Allow users to unsubscribe or opt-out through SMS
  4. Upload contacts using an excel sheet
  5. Schedule SMS to be sent in the future
  6. Access delivery reports instantly
  7. Send personalized SMS for birthdays & festivals
  8. Filter your customers and re-target with SMS campaigns
  9. Handle 2 way communication through SMS
To use this plugin you need an account with SMSCountry before you get started. Contact us at today!

Supported Versions

  1. Joomla Versions: 3.6,3.6.0

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