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How to get started?

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  2. We will give you the installation file and required documentation to do it yourself.

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Supported Versions

  1. Magento Versions: 1.5 - 1.9


  1. Basic price to download the extension is : 20 USD

Magento SMS Extension from SMSCountry - Overview

SMSCountry provides reliable, fully supported SMS Plugins for Magento that can be used to inform, track & communicate real-time with customers & vendors. SMS Extension for Magento from SMSCountry enables ecommerce businesses to operate 24 X 7 X 365 without ever worrying about their business communication needs.

Magento SMS Extension lets you

  1. Trigger Sign-Up Notifications to Customers
  2. Inform Customers about their Order Status, Delivery and Payments
  3. Alert the Finance team when a payment is received


  1. SMS Alerts sent to both DND & NON-DND Numbers
  2. Trigger Language SMS based on customer location/preference
  3. Free registration of the message templates
  4. Sender Name & Sender ID allocated as per customer intervention.
  5. SMS Delivery Status can be viewed in your Account Dashboard.

Customer Centric

  1. Welcome SMS sent to mobile on registration.
  2. Account Data modified Notification can be sent.
  3. Shipping & Delivery Details SMS on every confirmed order
  4. Loyalty Discount Schemes for special Customers

Merchant Centric

  1. SMS Alert for every new order.
  2. Order Cancelled SMS or Out of Stock SMS for Vendor/Concerned Admin
  3. Promotional Offers can be triggered to all Vendors based on various criteria
  4. Every step of the Delivery can be tracked by vendor.

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