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Free Expert Advice: 6 Incredible Benefits of Bulk SMS For Your Business

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Getting your customers to always remember you seem like hard work. 

But what if we told you that staying top-of-mind is just one of the benefits of bulk SMS?

We spoke with 3 experts to get insights that would help businesses like yours. And they had a lot to say about the benefits of bulk SMS for small businesses.

From marketing to effective customer communication, you will surely learn from the experience of these marketing experts to meet your business goals with SMS marketing.

So without further ado, let us get right into it.

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Top benefits of bulk SMS for small businesses

We spoke with three bulk SMS marketing gurus about SMS benefits for small businesses. These experts have successfully revamped many businesses with their expertise. 

Here are the top 6 ways that your business stands to gain from bulk SMS marketing in your operations:

1. The easiest way to get feedback

SMS is a direct response marketing tool. It means that you can get feedback from your customers without asking them to put in much effort. No wonder SMS has a record 209% higher response rate than phone calls, emails, or Facebook ads. 

This is obvious from the testimonial of Toyin Oyinloye from Nehemiah Group (Daystar). He secured funding for a client’s NGO by using bulk SMS to measure the interest of their partners after other means failed. 

Two male students giving survey feedback via SMS on their phones

“We put out calls to our partners to ensure they do our bidding for an NGO but all to no avail. We also explored other means but it wasn’t working out. After so much fruitless effort we decided to leverage bulk SMS to get targeted messages to them. In no time we got our desired results and they made payments…”

This shows just how powerful SMS is for your business. It can help you build an interactive relationship with your customers. 

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2. Lesser barriers to customers

Internet access is a huge barrier to connecting with your customers across the world. So if you send an email, you are not sure when your customers will receive it. The question of when they will read it is another story entirely.

There is no such barrier in the case of SMS. Text messaging simplifies your connection with your customers.

Osham Ndubisi, Learning Manager at IMMERSE Coaching Company, says, “…with bulk SMS, we connect with our members faster. In turn, it helps to increase the number of returning customers who use our products and services”.

She further says that her company uses SMS to share urgent messages with their clients. By doing so, they do not face any communication barriers. 

3. Increased communication efficiency

The delivery failure rate of bulk SMS messages is about only 2%. It is the lowest you will get from any channel of communication. 

A customer reading a text message from her hair stylist

To make it simple, if you want to be sure that your customers get your message, use bulk SMS marketing

Another benefit of bulk SMS marketing is that you get your message across clearly to your audience. This is the most crucial because, without communication, there is no patronage.

4. Engaged customer base

High engagement is another benefit of text messages. This leads to brand loyalty and increased revenue for you.

SMSes are more engaging than emails. You can make your message punchy in 160 characters and get the desired results. Your customers do not need internet connectivity to have two-way conversations with you. They can also send short codes to communicate with you.

young woman reading benefits of Bulk SMS on her smartphone
Young woman hand holding a smartphone and showing a screen with new SMS messages notification.

Toyin Oyinloye of Nehemiah Group (Daystar) says, “After so much fruitless effort…it was easy to send our partners reminders using bulk SMS and make them commit to their promises”.

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5. Reduced costs 

Anything that reduces cost and maximises revenue is good for your business. 

Mr Ore Afolayan at TOA Marketing points out another crucial benefit of bulk SMS. He says, “It is also relatively cheaper to use SMS compared to other means of communication.” This is another crucial benefit of bulk SMS.

To understand this better, compare SMS cost with that of social media marketing. With SMS marketing, you only spend a fraction of the cost you spend on social media marketing. You also reach thousands of your customers at less cost.

Add this reduced cost with the massive ROI of 98% delivery and increased revenue. You will see that adopting bulk SMS for your business is a no-brainer. 

6. Versatile and flexible

SMS marketing can be a standalone marketing strategy. Mr Afolayan further adds that it can also be “…a tactic in a broader marketing strategy”.

An iPhone screen showing benefits of bulk sms in small business digital marketing on SMSCountry

This versatile and flexible nature of SMS marketing is a unique selling point. You can choose to send a few messages to a targeted group or send many SMS messages to your entire list.

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The best businesses today do one thing well – they lead in marketing. Now that you know that bulk SMS marketing is the master key to achieving that.

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