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12 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Sell More in 2024

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How do you generate brilliant Christmas marketing ideas that are compliant, engaging, and profitable?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an event organiser, a retailer, or an e-commerce business. These Christmas marketing ideas will boost your revenue this festive season.

Here are 12 creative ideas to inspire your marketing campaigns this Christmas. They’re classy and not too cheesy or cliché.

We organised them into different industries so you can jump to what interests you.

E-commerce Christmas marketing ideas

These e-commerce Christmas marketing ideas will send you jingling all the way to the bank.

#1: Create a festive landing page

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #2: Create a festive landing page

Landing pages are web pages visitors see when they click on a link or an ad.

Landing pages persuade visitors to take a specific action. Like buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a freebie.

A festive landing page should reflect the Christmas spirit and theme.

It can include elements like snowflakes, lights, ornaments, gifts, and Santa Claus.

Crate and Barrel’s international retail store’s landing page is a good example.

Their Christmas landing pages showcase their holiday deals, gift guides, and delivery options.

It has elements that leave an excellent festive first impression:

  • A Christmas colour scheme
  • Catchy headlines
  • Clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and
  • Images of happy customers and products that match the Christmas theme.

However, ensure it’s simple and optimised. Follow Anil Parma’s advice, “Focus on creating an irresistible headline. And, on the specific thing you want the visitor to do.”

#2: Run a social media contest

“A social media contest can also help you reward your loyal customers and attract new ones. Jeff Bullas, Social Media Influencer.

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #2: Run a social media contest

A social media contest is a promotion that encourages users to participate to win a prize.

It can be a simple giveaway, a photo contest, a quiz, or a challenge.

A social media contest can help you increase your reach. It can also help you collect feedback and grow your email list.

Starbucks – a global coffee chain, perfected this idea with their #RedCupContest campaign.

Customers would share photos of their red cups on Instagram to win a Starbucks gift card.

The contest generated over 40,000 entries. It created a lot of buzz around their brand.

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #2: Run a social media contest

You can run compliant Meta (formerly Facebook) contests as well as on other social media channels.

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A social media contest can help you create a viral effect for your brand if done right.

Brick-and-mortar retail Christmas marketing ideas

Do you own a retail store? Here are two brick-and-mortar Christmas marketing ideas to attract more customers.

#3: Create a festive window display

“Window displays make shopping easy for customers. Once they check out your window display, they’re confident that once they enter your shop, they’ll find the right product.” – Sreedevan C.G, Visual Merchandiser, Linen Club

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #3: Create a festive window display

A window display is the first thing people see when they walk by your store.

It’s your chance to make a good first impression and entice them to come in.

A festive window display

  • Showcases your products
  • Highlights your offers and
  • Creates a sense of wonder and excitement. 

Macy’s in New York City is famous for its elaborate window displays. They feature animated scenes, music and lights.

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Thousands flock yearly to see the spectacle and get into the holiday spirit.

#4: Host a holiday-themed event

“Events boost sales as they help you bond with clients and prospects. However, you must apply the right strategy. Only then will you make a profit.” – Thom Singer, The Conference Catalyst.

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #4: Host a holiday-themed event

This can be anything from a workshop, a contest, a giveaway, a performance or a party.

The goal is to give people a reason to visit and know your business.

For example, Lush Cosmetics in London hosted a “12 Days of Christmas” event. Each day featured different activities. Like making your bath bomb, meeting Santa Claus, enjoying live music and getting free samples.

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The event was promoted on social media. It attracted hundreds of customers who wanted to join the fun and shop for gifts.

Hotel Christmas marketing ideas

For hotels, traditional marketing tactics remain popular. Decorating the lobby and offering holiday-themed packages remain popular.

However, you’ll need an extra touch of creativity to stand out.

Here are two smart hotel Christmas marketing ideas.

#5: Host a ’12 Days of Christmas’ social media campaign

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #5: Host a '12 Days of Christmas' social media campaign

A ’12 Days of Christmas’ social media campaign is great for engaging your audience and rolling out incentives.

It’s based on the traditional advent calendar concept, where a new exciting deal or piece of content is revealed every day for 12 days.

You can use this campaign to

  • Showcase your hotel’s features, services and amenities
  • Offer discounts, freebies, upgrades or loyalty points
  • Generate user-generated content. Like reviews, testimonials or photos

Take a leaf out of The Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s playbook.

They used their social media accounts to share stunning photos of their properties worldwide. They then present trivia questions and give prizes to the winners. They also used the hashtag #RCMemories to encourage guests to share their experiences at their hotels.

When do you launch the campaign, before or after the festivities?

Shreya P (MD & CEO at SB Infowaves) advises not to wait until the last minute.

“Start planning your 12 days of Christmas marketing campaign now. Also, consider your goals, deadlines, and other business considerations. They’ll determine whether you should launch before or after Christmas.”

#6: Offer seasonal hotel vouchers

“Vouchers can help you make more sales. So, use targeted ads to give your vouchers a makeover. And, at the same time, make your website user-friendly for easy redemption of the vouchers” – Dibyendu Dey, Digital Marketer.

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #6: Offer seasonal hotel vouchers

Christmas is a time of giving. And what better gift than a relaxing stay at your hotel?

Seasonal hotel vouchers help to generate more bookings and revenue. As well as to build loyalty and word-of-mouth.

You can create and customise different types of vouchers:

  • For a night stay
  • A spa treatment
  • Dinner, or
  • All three combined.

Malmaison, a boutique hotel chain in the UK, does this perfectly well.

They have this dedicated page on their website where customers can choose from various vouchers. Like “Twixmas Breaks”, “Winter Warmer”, or “Festive Afternoon Tea”.

There is also the option to buy gift cards for Malmaison services that you can use whenever you like.

Restaurant Christmas marketing ideas

Food and wine are an undisputed part of festivities. And if you’re into the restaurant industry, you cannot underestimate this.

Here are marketing ideas for your restaurant this Christmas.

#7. Host a holiday foodie challenge

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #7: Host a holiday foodie challenge

Hosting a challenge will spice up your Christmas menu and engage your customers. 

You can create a particular dish or menu item that is extra large, spicy, or unusual. Then, challenge your customers to finish it within a specific time limit or without help.

If they succeed, they win prizes like a free meal, a gift card, or branded merchandise.

You can also promote your challenge on social media. And encourage customers to share their photos and videos with a hashtag.

You can emulate the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. They offer a famous “72-ounce steak challenge”.

The task? Finish the steak and the accompanying sides within an hour, and get the meal for free.

Thousands of participants and spectators show up every year. Many TV shows and documentaries feature these contests.

According to Amol Ghemud, Growth Coach and Consultant

“Sales contests create a buzz about your restaurant. You’ll succeed once you get your basics right. Which basics are ensuring that you focus on the social media platform where your audience is most active.”

#8. Host a ’12 Dishes of Christmas’ culinary extravaganza

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #8. Host a '12 Dishes of Christmas' culinary extravaganza

Do you want to spice up your Christmas menu and impress your guests?

Hosting a ’12 Dishes of Christmas’ culinary extravaganza is the way to go.

The Polish tradition of Wigilia inspired this idea. You can either stick to Polish classics or mix dishes from around the world.

Whatever you choose to serve, ensure you have enough plates, cutlery and napkins for everyone. And don’t forget to leave an extra seat at the table for an unexpected guest.

As Magdalena Kasprzyk, Specialist in Polish Cuisine, says

“‘12 Dishes of Christmas’ is that one time in the year you deliver special meals. It’s a very old tradition and a very important yearly celebration.”

Physical event Christmas marketing ideas

Here are two Christmas marketing ideas for planning a physical event.

#9: Create a festive photo booth

“It’s an outstanding experience – getting customers to show support through festive booths. This enhances the campaign of giving to life as families show solidarity.” – Martine Reardon, former Chief Marketing Officer, Macy’s.

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #9: Create a festive photo booth

A photo booth is fun and interactive to engage your attendees and generate social media buzz.

You can decorate it with Christmas-themed props like hats, scarves, and ornaments. And encourage people to take selfies and share them on their platforms with your branded hashtag.

Macy’s leads this way with this idea. They created a “Believe Station” in their stores.

Customers could take photos with Santa Claus and mail their letters to him.

The station also featured a QR code that directed people to Macy’s website. There, they could donate to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

#10: Offer a gift-wrapping service

“Gift wrapping has never been so green or easy! Our exclusive collections feature eco-friendly Green Way packaging. This makes gift-wrapping a breeze” – Joni Compton, Advertising Coordinator, Nashville Wraps.

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #10: Offer a gift-wrapping service

Gift wrapping service is an offer you make to your customers buying gifts for their loved ones.

You can do it for free or charge a fee. This could serve as an incentive to increase your sales.

You can also customise your wrapping paper with your logo, slogan, or message. This will reinforce your brand identity and create a lasting impression.

An example of a business that used this idea is Lush.

Lush offered a free gift-wrapping service. They used recycled materials like scarves, newspapers, and fabric scraps.

They aligned their service with the brand’s sustainability and environmental responsibility values. This also encouraged customers to reuse the materials for other purposes.

Small business Christmas marketing ideas

Try these creative and practical Christmas marketing.

#11. Run a Christmas giveaway on your website

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway?

Especially when it’s Christmas-themed and offers a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Giveaways generate buzz and increase traffic.

So, run a giveaway on your website in minutes.

Then, send targeted SMSes and automated WhatsApp messages to customers and prospects. Include the offer and a clear CTA (Click to Action) driving them to your website or landing page.

Next, use SMS to follow up with your entrants. And announce the winner(s) on time on all your channels.

An example of a Christmas giveaway by The Body Shop.

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #11. Run a Christmas giveaway on your website

As you can see, they used a catchy headline and an attractive image. They also included a clear call-to-action and a countdown timer to create urgency and excitement.

Want your giveaways to stand out from the crowd?

“Post them on your website instead of social media. This way, you can pin your giveaway at the top of your website’s feed.” – Erica Santiago, HubSpot Marketing.

Pro tip: use SMSCountry to send direct links to your Christmas giveaway on your website.

SMS is fast, effective, and has the highest open rate. This way, your giveaway posts don’t get lost on social media. And it’s cost-effective too, saving you from extra costs.

#12. Create a digital Christmas catalogue

Do you sell physical products? Showcase your best offers and inspire your customers to buy from you.

A digital catalogue is like a brochure or a magazine. Except this time, it can be shared online via WhatsApp, social media, or your website.

It includes images, videos, descriptions, prices, links, and other information about your products.

You can create and publish a digital catalogue in minutes using Flipsnack. Customise it with your brand colours, fonts, logos, and other elements.

Here’s an example of a digital Christmas catalogue by Etsy.

12 Christmas marketing ideas to sell more in 2023 #12. Create a digital Christmas catalog

Their catalogue features festive products, stories, tips, and gift items.

As you can see, they used a colourful and eye-catching cover. As well as a simple and easy-to-navigate layout. And they also used engaging content that appealed to their audience.

“Regularly send your customers your catalogues. It’s the best way to reach them. Our customers eagerly await our annual catalogue, brimming with the latest and greatest products.” – Bruce Todhunter, SpaceKraft.

12 holiday SMS templates

Here are SMS templates that you can use for any purpose during Christmas.

E-commerce Christmas marketing SMS template ideas

Template #1: “Hi {customer_name}, don’t miss our amazing Christmas deals! Save up to {offer}% on {product} and more. Shop now at {company_name}.com”

Template #2: “Merry Christmas, {customer_name}! Treat yourself to something special from {company_name}. We have {offer}% off on selected items. Hurry, offer ends soon!”

Brick-and-mortar retail Christmas marketing SMS template ideas

Template #3: “Come and visit {company_name} this Christmas and enjoy our festive discounts. Get {offer}% off on {product} and other great deals. See you soon!”

Template #4: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year at {company_name}. We have everything you need for a perfect Christmas. Plus, get a free gift with any purchase over {amount}.”

Hotel Christmas marketing SMS template ideas

Template #5: “Looking for a cosy getaway this Christmas? Book your stay at {company_name}, enjoy special holiday rates, and get a complimentary breakfast.”

Template #6: “Hi, {Name}. Merry Christmas! Here’s a festive package that includes a luxurious room, a delicious dinner, and a spa treatment. Book now and save {offer}%.”

Restaurant Christmas marketing SMS template ideas

Template #7: “Join us for a festive feast at {company_name}. We have a mouthwatering menu of traditional and modern dishes. Reserve your table now and get a free dessert.”

Template #8: “Hi {Name}, we have a variety of options to suit every taste and budget. Plus, get a free drink with any order over {amount}.”

Physical event Christmas marketing SMS template ideas

Template #9: “Don’t miss the ultimate Christmas party at {company_name}. We have live music, games, prizes, and more. Get your tickets now and save {offer}%.”

Template #10: “Experience the magic of Christmas, {Name}. We have a spectacular show that will dazzle you and your family. Buy your tickets now and get a free popcorn.”

Small business Christmas marketing SMS template ideas

Template #11: “{Name}, we appreciate your loyalty and wish you a merry Christmas. As a token of our gratitude, here’s a coupon for {offer}% off your next purchase.”

Template #12: “Happy holidays, {Name}. We hope you enjoy this festive season with your loved ones. We have a special offer for you: buy one, get one free on any {product}.”

Want more Christmas and New Year SMS templates? Check out our comprehensive Christmas message templates.

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With Christmas approaching, it’s time to activate your marketing strategy.

These top 10 Christmas marketing ideas will generate more sales.

It’s time to spread some holiday cheer, offer a festive deal, or run a contest.

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These are cost-effective ways to stay connected, build loyalty, and boost sales.

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What is the 12 Days of Christmas marketing strategy?

A 12 Days of Christmas marketing strategy is a marketing campaign where you reveal a new deal or piece of content every day for 12 days. Businesses use this strategy to engage their target audience, drive sales, and build brand awareness during the holiday season.

What are the objectives of Christmas marketing?

The objectives of Christmas marketing vary depending on your business. But some common goals include:

  • Increasing sales
  • Driving brand awareness
  • Engaging customers
  • Promoting new products or services
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Encouraging repeat business
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