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The Top 7 OTP Service Providers to Secure Your Customers

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The wrong OTP service providers will set your business back decades. 

Imagine a daily loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars because customers can’t receive OTP verification codes when they need to pay for your service.

Now stop imagining and pay attention because this article will help you avoid that nightmare. You are about to see 7 of the best OTP service providers that you can choose from.

We assessed each vendor based on the pricing, speed, security, and global availability of their SMS API. So that you can make an informed choice, delight your customers and multiply your revenue.   

But first, a short chatter about OTP wouldn’t hurt.

What is OTP?

What is OTP?

OTP is a 4-6 numeric or alphanumeric code with a single-use specific function for a particular session/authentication. 

A young man logging in with an OTP code received from SMSCountry

In today’s age, it is pretty normal to have a double-factor authentication or even a multi-factor authentication. It ensures an added layer of security and prevents fraud and security theft. 

OTP was developed to serve the singular purpose of providing authentication and verifying users. It is used in quite a few businesses to maintain a secure and safe user flow

OTP is usually sent via an SMS, and they tend to expire after a certain amount of time – generally after 10 minutes.

So as a business, you need to ensure that your customers instantly receive their OTPs and can log in/authenticate smoothly. For this, you need to choose an OTP SMS service provider with the best services. 

You can use an OTP service provider’s voice or SMS OTP verification service.

See how SMSCountry SMS API services helped Gaurav fix the OTP issues he had using Twilio and Alibaba. Read his story of disappointment with Twilio and how SMSCountry SMS API saved the day.

What is an OTP service provider?

An OTP service provider is any company or platform that helps you deliver OTPs to customers. 

The service provider may use SMS, email, or mobile apps. OTP service providers help businesses improve security by adding an extra layer of authentication to protect user accounts and sensitive information.

What features should I look for in an SMS OTP provider?

Here are the nine features you should look out for in an SMS OTP provider.

  • Delivery speed and reliability: Reliability measures the percentage of outgoing SMS OTP that reach their intended destination. On the other hand, delivery speed measures the time between sending and receiving the SMS OTP. Both metrics offer valuable information on the deliverability of SMS OTP. Most OTP websites boast under 10 seconds delivery speed.
  • High delivery rates: High delivery rates ensure your customers receive SMS OTP as soon as possible. Technically a 100% delivery rate is unachievable. Look for an OTP site that offers delivery rates as close to 99% as possible.
  • High-level security features: Security features like single-time or time-limited use give SMS OTPs an edge over email authentication. SMS OTPs also give you an additional layer of security when used with passwords.
  • Compliance with relevant regulations: Choosing SMS providers that mind compliance helps you abide by the laws of the land. Refer to your local regulatory body to learn about the general laws and regulations. Then ask your SMS provider how they apply them.
  • Two-factor authentication: 2FA helps you secure your accounts by adding an additional layer of verification. Single-step verification can be hacked into, so having 2FA via SMS OTP is essential.
  • Integration with third-party applications: OTPs are autogenerated. An OTP service provider that easily integrates with other applications makes life easy for you.
  • Customer support: You will not be able to figure it all out by yourself. You will need to connect with your SMS provider when you hit a roadblock. A 24/7 support structure in addition to a knowledge base that you can refer to is ideal when choosing OTP SMS gateway.
  • Transparent pricing: While most OTP service providers’ pricing is displayed on their websites, some cost structures may be hidden, like recurring monthly costs. These can significantly impact your operational costs.
  • Flexible billing options: Compared to a fixed billing option, a flexible option lets you pay for the consumption. Look for pay-as-you-go options with SMS providers. This will drastically reduce your operational costs. Usually, the best OTP service providers will offer flexible payment options.

“We were frustrated with Twilio and Alibaba’s SMS API services until we found SMSCountry via a quick Google search. SMSCountry provides fast OTP SMS delivery and great customer support. Much recommended”
– Gaurav Aggarwal, Kavya Digital Solutions

Which are the top 7 OTP service providers?

Here is the list of the top OTP SMS service and API providers. If you’re in India, this also covers the best OTP service provider in India:

Let’s look at each of them.

Want to send voice OTP to your customers? Check out the best voice SMS service providers.

SMSCountry- best for businesses of all sizes

We cannot help but start with our very own product, SMSCountry. We have been the leader and one of the best OTP SMS service providers globally since 2003. 

Known as one of the best OTP verification providers, SMSCountry has been delivering SMS API services in more than 200 countries and has 550+ mobile network operators. All this comes with the experience of being the market leader for more than 19 years. 

An e-commerce customer satisfied with SMSCountry's fast OTP SMS

SMSCountry provides the best SMS gateway API for OTP. With this OTP verification service provider, you can deliver OTPs in less than 10 seconds in more than 60+ countries.

Also, SMSCountry enables you to send your OTPs with unique sender IDs and verified tags allowing for better recognition and facilitating brand trust in your customers. 

This will interest you if you operate in India or send SMS to customers in India. To enable you to send OTP SMSes in no time SMSCountry’s expert support team also works with you throughout the DLT registration process.

Features of SMSCountry

In addition to helping you trigger and send OTPs, SMSCountry offers 2-way messaging with APIs and an activity dashboard for tracking and messaging management. You can add new SMS templates, customize templates and mass text in multiple languages.

Find all the SMS templates you need here –> Free SMS Templates

That’s not all. SMSCountry also offers detailed reporting and analytics through its dashboard for every SMS you send. 

Also, you can use SMSCountry to:

  • Run automated SMS marketing campaigns
  • Send voice SMS
  • Conduct polling and voting
  • Send reminders
  • Schedule messages
  • Personalize messages

How does SMSCountry work?

SMSCountry offers SMS API and WhatsApp API that you can use to send OTPs to your customers via SMS or WhatsApp.

Use our dev-friendly and secure WhatsApp API to delight your customers with fast OTP. See how it works with a FREE demo.

Pros of SMSCountry

  • Hyper-fast delivery speed 
  • 24/7 customer support with demos and knowledgebase. 
  • Desktop support for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Supports 180+ countries.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing means you only pay for the SMS you send. However, there is an expiry date that comes with this facility.

See how SMSCountry helped Gaurav fix the OTP issues he had using Twilio and Alibaba. Read his story of disappointment with Twilio and how SMSCountry SMS API saved the day.

Cons of SMSCountry

  • Pricing is a bit high when compared to others
  • There is no option to add team members from the dashboard.

Customer Testimonials

best otp service provider | Recent testimonial from a happy SMSCountry customer about reliable service
best otp service provider | SMSCountry testimonial
best otp service provider | SMSCountry testimonial

SMSCountry Pricing

SMSCountry offers custom pricing based on the country to which you want to send the SMS. Consult the SMSCountry sales team for guidance, or check out our pricing page.

SMSCountry offers high-level security features, two-factor authentication and excellent customer support. 

Additionally, it also offers a pay-as-you-go scheme for OTP SMS with no hidden costs. The dashboard has built-in checks to fulfil regulatory requirements like maximum word count. 

Also, the delivery of the OTPs is under 5 seconds. However, SMSCountry, for now, offers limited third-party integrations. All in all, SMSCountry fulfils the basic criteria for a good OTP service provider.  

No one would like to wait 5 or 10 minutes to get an OTP. Our users need their OTP on the spot. And we got this fast OTP delivery from SMSCountry SMS API”
– Gaurav Aggarwal, Kavya Digital Solutions

TeleSign – best for high-risk applications

TeleSign is a well-known OTP company that focuses on 2-factor authentication services. Their prime area of focus is social media websites that allow users to have added security to their accounts. 

They also offer patented phone-based verification and two-factor OTP authentication services. These services are undertaken using time-based OTPs that are either sent via SMS or voice messages

 Best otp service provider | Telesign customer waiting for an OTP

We also found that TeleSign offers digital identity and programmable communication services that range from PhoneId, integrable voice calling, and rich communication services. 

Features of Telesign

TeleSign offers trust as its premiere product. Through a suite of verification services like call OTPs and SMS OTPs with varying levels of protection, Telesign offers to protect its customers from fraud and deception.

The service employs multi-factor authentication and routes for OTPs. It also offers risk assessments to detect fraud before it’s too late.

How does this product work?

It’s either Telesign has some countries restricted in their service offering, or they still have some work to do with making it easy for you to signup for their services.

When you signup for the product, you can expect some hurdles. For example, when my team and I tried signing up for Telesign, we couldn’t verify our number. 

Though their customer support team responded to our query.

 Best otp service provider | Email from TeleSign support | Email saying they created an account and asking us to log in

And when we finally logged in, we still could not fire up an OTP. 

Pros of TeleSign

  • More focus on 2-factor authentication
  • Delivery is adequate 
  • Pricing is nominal 
  • Immediate response from the support team.
  • Available in 230+ countries

Cons of TeleSign

  • Number validation is a bit poor 
  • Pricing is not as flexible as advertised
  • Some numbers and countries are not supported by the system despite them being on the list.
  • Substantial delay in receiving OTPs.
  • Free trials are difficult to get started. 

Customer Testimonials

 Best otp service provider | TeleSign review | a postive review about the features of TeleSign

TeleSign Pricing

TeleSign offers custom pricing. You can get more information after filling a contact form.

According to the reviews by other organizations and the claims on their website, TeleSign’s main product is geared towards building trust and removing fake users. 

They have employed high-level security features and ensure compliance with regulations across the board. This means an additional layer of security in the form of 2FA too. 

However, the same security features seem to have created issues with deliverability of OTP SMS. Additionally, it is difficult to find TeleSign’s pricing anywhere across the web. Although they have a very supportive customer support team- the system is inaccessible to trial users.

SMSCountry SMS API provides all you need to delight your customers with fast and secure OTP SMS. At the best price

2Factor– best for small organizations

2Factor is a cloud messaging platform that is proficient in A2P messaging, whereas all their services and tech are developed in-house. In addition, 2Factor offers specialities in A2P SMS, 2-factor authentication, and APIs. 

Find out the 10 Best SMS API Providers to Connect With Your Customers

 Best otp service provider | A businesswoman searching for OTP Service providers

Their OTP service is quite reliable and offers text-based and voice-based services. They also have an extensive reporting and analysis tool that allows users to adjust their campaigns.

Features of 2Factor

One of the unique features offered by 2Factor is Voice OTP. You receive a phone call relaying the OTP code. 2Factor also offers Transactional SMS APIs and Promotional SMS APIs.

Each SMS has twice the chance of going through the system with fail-over handling, which re-routes failed messages through backup operators. 2Factor also claims not to resell customer data to any third party.

How does this product work?

So naturally we wanted to take a look at this product too. We signed up for a trial account, and the option was displayed on the home screen.

 The trial sign-up page did not ask for a ton of information. The product dashboard is fairly simple.

top otp service providers | 2Facor dashboard all the option offered by 2Factor

The dashboard is fairly straightforward, with all the options laid out flat on the screen. 

2Factor offers SMS APIs to send and verify OTPs. You can auto-generate 4-6 number OTPs or set a limit to the number of digits you want the system to work with.

Pros of 2Factor

  • Reliable OTP delivery
  • A2P messaging.
  • Pay per OTP delivery only.
  • API for sending OTPs, transactional SMS and promotional SMS.
  • Manage your DLT and reseller accounts from one dashboard.

Cons of 2Factor

  • OTP delivery may take time
  • The UI/UX of the web app is basic and simple.
  • 2Factor is available for the Indian market only
  • Insufficient documentation to seamlessly connect the user from the dashboard to the API.
  • Low social media presence which makes it harder to find the brand despite its simplicity.

Customer Testimonials

Although this product was simple and well-developed, it was hard to find reviews online for them.

One reason for this may be their very low social media presence. Another reason may be the users are not impressed with the actual product. 

Either way, 2Factor has some work cut out for them. 

2Factor Pricing

2Factor offers OTP message packs. You can purchase a minimum of 5000 SMS OTPs at INR 0.28+ tax and up to 1,000,000 OTPs at INR 0.15+ tax. You also get a trial pack of 2000 OTPs.

For Voice OTPs 2Factor charges a flat INR 0.34+ tax. You can also purchase 1000 Voice OTPs for a free trial of the service.

2Factor accepts payments via Instamojo.

Being a local solution, 2Factor’s focus is very niche. By offering only one service-bulk SMS, 2Factor is able to offer fast and reliable OTP delivery, good customer support, compliance with local regulations, 2FA and transparent pricing. But 2Factor lacks third-party integrations and high-level security features.  

“We were frustrated with Twilio and Alibaba’s SMS API services until we found SMSCountry via a quick Google search. SMSCountry provides fast OTP SMS delivery and great customer support. Much recommended”
– Gaurav Aggarwal, Kavya Digital Solutions

Msg91– best for an experienced marketing team

Msg91 was founded in 2008 and is the sister company of Walkover Technologies. They work in the sphere of cloud communication platform services. 

Their primary focus is on messaging solutions and business communications. They mainly deal with SMS, voice, and all the other channels. 

 Best otp service provider | A business man browsing MSG91's Bulk SMS platform for OTP service

Their product SendOTP is their premium 2-factor authentication product. It offers OTP features, and with its service spanning over 800 networks and in 190 countries, they are an excellent choice for medium to large businesses. 

Features of Msg91

Msg91 offers multiple channels for communication in addition to SMS, voice and WhatsApp. The platform also offers plugin options with a campaign management tool and a chat tool.

The OTP platform is a simplified dashboard that allows you to create widgets and templates, and you can also look at and test the API.

Let’s look at it in more detail.

How does this product work? 

As I and my team explored this platform, we found a clean interface with each option having its own dedicated dashboard and space.

Msg91 offers an OTP API test environment where you can test various OTP variables. The test environment offered 19 languages, a list of responses and three OTP POST and GET calls.

 Best otp service provider | API dashboard | check your SMS OTP in the API testing environment

Pros of Msg91

  • SendOTP does deliver on their promises 
  • Fast delivery speed 
  • Quick OTP approval
  • Interface with dedicated dashboards for each channel and integration.
  • Quick and easy sign-up to a trial account with a swift follow-up by the support team via email.

Cons of Msg91

  • Pricing is a bit expensive 
  • The web app experience is not for everyone
  • Historical reports are not available through the system. Moreover Msg91 only offers a pre-selected timeframe for viewing reports.
  • Bulk plans only offer very high message volumes for low prices. You can get customized plans only after speaking to support staff. No tiers.
  • The OTP widget requires expert technical know-how. 

Customer testimonials

best top otp service providers | Msg91 review | positive review
mg91 review | negative review

Msg91 Pricing

Msg91 offers two types of pricing. A single high-volume with a low price based on the country of residence and target country. And custom pricing. 

For example, if you want to buy OTP in India to serve your customers in the US, the price is £0.006/SMS for 757576 SMS. Sending messages from India to the UK is charged at £0.0292/SMS for 171233 SMS.

“We were frustrated with Twilio and Alibaba’s SMS API services until we found SMSCountry via a quick Google search. SMSCountry provides fast OTP SMS delivery and great customer support. Much recommended”
– Gaurav Aggarwal, Kavya Digital Solutions

Exotel – best for large enterprises

Exotel offers cloud telephony services at an enterprise level. Their product, nOTPTM, includes their OTP service. 

 Best otp service provider | Exotel website showing their OTP bulk SMS services

This includes 2-factor authentication, passwordless logins, resetting of passwords, and spam prevention. They also allow users to authenticate and verify their transactions and logins without the need for third parties. 

Exotel is widely spread over India and Southeast Asia. You can check their website for India to get prices for OTP from India to anywhere in the world.

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Features of Exotel

Exotel offers a suite of services which work on WhatsApp, SMS and voice. They also offer integrations, dedicated OTP services, and a reporting dashboard with conversational AI. 

ExoVerify is a featured product that serves OTPs. This product has two apps: nOTP and SMS OTP. 

nOTP verifies a user through Exotel’s SDK, which intercepts and rejects a specific call from Exotel’s servers to the user’s number. SMS OTP verifies the user through the OTP that is entered by the user. A third option is- the WhatsApp OTP.

How does this product work? 

We tested out the product and signed up for it.

best top otp service providers | Exotel dashboard | all the options of the Exotel in the dashboard

The ExoVerify API runs in the background, with the OTP applications as the top layer. The API documentation on the website lays out the error codes, what to expect from the API and the client-server exchange.

Pros of Exotel

  • Spread over Asia with extensive reach
  • Delivery speed 
  • Quick response from the Support team guiding users to knowledgebase. Exotel is also open to new feature requests.
  • Dedicated application for OTPs.
  • Clean and intuitive UI/UX.

Cons of Exotel

  • Customer support needs improvement 
  • No global reach
  • Support team has designated timelines for the severity of each case. If you want something resolved quickly, you may have to wait.
  • Pricier option for SMS OTPs.
  • The application does not provide a lot of customization.

Customer Testimonials

 Best otp service provider | exotel customer review
 Best otp service provider | exotel customer review

Exotel Pricing

All Exotel plans come with a free trial of 7 days and 500 credits.

The lowest plan costs INR 9,999/- and remains valid for 5 months, while the highest tier costs INR 49,499/- for 39,000 credits. Exotel also offers a custom plan which you can avail of by calling their support staff.

Exotel offers 2FA, compliance with local regulations (KYC requirements) and multiple integration features. 

The support team is responsive, and the pricing is also transparent and flexible. Since ExoVerify lets you develop OTP verification applications, Exotel employs a high level of security to maintain data integrity. We received the Exotel OTP in time, although not swiftly. It is safe to say that they need to work on the time frame of the delivery.   

No one would like to wait 5 or 10 minutes to get an OTP. Our users need their OTP on the spot. And we got this fast OTP delivery from SMSCountry SMS API”
– Gaurav Aggarwal, Kavya Digital Solutions


ViaNett is one of the most popular SMS gateways that facilitates your business to send high-quality SMS gateway services

Using their service, you can send your OTPs globally. 

ViaNett also offers additional services such as bulk SMS, SMS billing, HLR-lookup, and 2-way communication

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  • OTPs can be sent globally
  • Pricing is pocket-friendly 


  • OTP delivery can be unreliable 
  • Customer support needs improvement.– best for local startups

Based in Delhi, is how their customers refer to them.

They offer various services, including OTP.

Features of Static King

Static King offers a host of services for websites, SEO and hosting apart from SMS. Their bulk SMS services cater to OTP, promotional and transactional requests.

Static King offers three types of OTP services: SMS, call and missed call.

How does this product work?

The dashboard is minimal and does not list OTP as an option anywhere.

 Best otp service provider | static king dashboard

Static King uses HTTP/XML API to send and receive messages. The code, description and request formats are available here in their API documentation.

Pros of Static King

  • Pricing is pocket-friendly
  • Can access all API keys from the dashboard.
  • OTPs are delivered in the stipulated time
  • Can view all support tickets and responses from within the dashboard.

Cons of Static King

  • High downtime of the application
  • Customer support needs improvement 
  • No dedicated OTP dashboard.
  • Focused on the Indian market.
  • Highly non-user-friendly UI/UX

Customer Testimonials

Static King review | positive review

Static King Pricing

Static King offers three pricing options:

  • SMS OTP starting at INR 0.11/SMS.
  • Call OTP starting at INR 0.25/SMS.
  • Missed Call OTP starting at INR 0.01/SMS. This option has a setup cost of INR 10,000/year. 

All options are scalable with customized pricing that you can get by calling their sales team. 

Static King accepts payment via PayTm and any debit/credit card.

Static King is an Indian solution with a quick OTP delivery time. The added advantage was they emailed the OTPs too. They are compliant with local regulations and offer 2FA with transparent and flexible pricing options. However, they lack in terms of high-level security features and third-party integrations. 

How do I choose an OTP provider? 

Many voice and SMS OTP service providers in the market are ready to offer their services. But how do you find the right provider? 

Here are a few things you can take into consideration before choosing a provider: 

  • OTP delivery speed should be quite fast ( < 10 seconds) 
  • Uptime should be close to or more than 97% 
  • A 24/7 customer service 
  • Number validation as a service should work efficiently 
  • Global presence of the provider 

Also, do you want a domestic or international OTP service provider?

Ensure that you consider these when trying to choose your OTP service provider for your business and OTP needs. 

Follow these steps.

Step 1: Determine your OTP requirements

 Consider factors such as the number of OTP messages you need to send per month, the geographical coverage required. Also, see if you have any specific needs, such as message personalisation or scheduling when choosing an OTP service provider.

Step 2: Research potential providers

Look for providers that provide the nine features explained in the previous section. Sift through reviews, comb through company websites, and gather information about services, features, and customer feedback

Step 3: Check delivery rates

You want to choose a provider who consistently delivers your OTP without delays or failures. Look for OTP service providers with high delivery rates. Also, check their claims and see what measures they take to ensure message delivery.

Step 4: Evaluate security

Ensure your SMS service providers have robust security measures to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access. Look for features such as encryption, secure API connections, and compliance with data protection regulations when picking the best OTP company. 

Step 5: Check customer support

Having reliable customer support can be crucial, especially when you encounter issues with SMS campaigns. Check your provider’s customer support through various channels like phone, email, or live chat. Look for providers that provide support during your business hours and have a reputation for helpful and prompt customer service.

Step 6: Evaluate pricing

Consider your budget and then evaluate the pricing models of all your shortlisted bulk SMS service providers.  Before buying OTP services on their website, look for hidden pricing. Also, pay attention to factors such as message volume discounts, contract terms, and any limitations or restrictions that may affect your usage and cost.

Step 7: Check API integration capabilities

To autogenerate and automatically send OTPs, you use an API. Choose an OTP service provider with a dev-friendly API with comprehensive documentation. 

Check out:

Comparing the best OTP provider in a table

 SpeedUptimeCustomer serviceNumber validationGlobal presence
SMSCountry<5 secs 99.9% Email, web form, phone, knowledgebase 180+ countries 
TelesignN/A N/A Email, in-app support, knowledgebase, system status,  ✓ 230 countries 
2Factor2-6 secsN/A Phone, email, API documentation XFor the Indian market
Exotel3-8 secs Frequent Outages reportedPhone, knowledgebase, web form, email✓ 60+ countries
VianettN/A N/A Phone, email N/AN/A 
Static King0-15 secs 99.9% Phone, tickets, email   XFor the Indian market

Buy SMSCountry OTP service and secure your customers right away 

So there you have it!

7 of the best OTP verification service providers to choose from and scale your business.

Have you decided on a vendor yet?

For a wide reach, fast and secure OTP delivery, and reliable support, choose SMSCountry.


If over 60,000 businesses like you trust us with their OTP needs since 2003, you can be assured that you’d get top-quality OTP services that will delight your customers.

Contact our team to schedule a FREE demo and learn more about our top OTP services.

You can also sign up for free and get started with SMSCountry today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using an SMS OTP service provider?

An SMS OTP service provider offers benefits like easy implementation, widespread availability, and familiarity.

How secure is using SMS OTP for authentication purposes?

SMS OTP is relatively secure for authentication purposes, but it is prone to vulnerabilities like SIM swapping and interception.

How reliable is SMS delivery for OTP purposes?

SMS delivery for OTP purposes is generally reliable. But expect occasional delays or failures due to network congestion.

How does an SMS OTP service provider handle delivery failures and retries?

An SMS OTP service provider automates this process. They should have a mechanism to send messages through alternate delivery routes or backup operators. 

What level of customer support should I expect from an SMS OTP service provider?

The level of customer support can vary. At the minimum, expect timely, if not immediate,  assistance and guidance for any issues you encounter.

Can I customize my SMS OTP messages with an SMS OTP service provider?

Yes, you can customize your SMS OTP messages with an SMS OTP service provider. 

How easy is it to integrate an SMS OTP service provider with my existing systems and applications?

You can inquire or look for APIs or SDKs provided by the service provider to integrate an SMS OTP service provider with your existing systems and applications. 

What are the costs associated with using an SMS OTP service provider?

The costs associated with using an SMS OTP service provider vary depending on factors like message volume, features required, and additional services you require.

How do I know if an SMS OTP service provider is compliant with relevant regulations and standards?

Verify if your selected SMS OTP service provider follows industry best practices and adheres to the regulatory norms and practices of your country. They should not just claim to follow them but also practice them. You can know this from online reviews and from your conversation with their team.

Which OTP provider is the best in Nigeria?

SMSCountry offers OTP services in Nigeria. It is one of the best OTP providers for banks and businesses. SMSCountry also offers SMS and Voice SMS services.

What is the price of OTP service providers?

Price varies with the SMS provider and your network provider. For the price of sending OTP using SMSCountry, see our pricing page.

What is an OTP SMS service?

An OTP SMS service enables the delivery of OTPs via SMS. A unique, temporary password is sent to the customer’s mobile for authentication during login or registration.

Which company provides OTP?

SMSCountry is the leading provider of OTP, SMS, Voice SMS and APIs. You can choose from the most suitable channel for your requirement. A REST API is used in the backend to send the code to the customer.

Who are the OTP providers?

SMSCountry is the leading provider of OTP. You can choose from the most suitable channel for your requirement. SMSCountry offers a 99.9% delivery rate and low latency. A REST API is used in the backend to send the code to the customer.

Which is the best OTP provider in Nigeria?

SMSCountry is the best OTP service provider covering all major areas. We help businesses of all sizes. Banks and other businesses can carry out authentication with OTP smoothly.

Which company generates OTP in India?

SMSCountry provides an OTP service in India, which helps users generate OTPs in 180+ countries. We are one of the fastest bulk OTP SMS providers ensuring your OTP is delivered within 10 seconds. We have an uptime of 99.9%.

How do I get OTP service?

Here is what you need to do:

  • Research OTP service providers in your country/city. Look for reliability, security, scalability and high uptime.
  • Shortlist from your research and then select one that fits your needs.
  • Sign up to create a free trial account if they offer one. If they do not offer any, talk to their support team and see how you can get an account to test the platform.
  • Set up your account. Add APIs keys to your own system and create OTP messages on the service provider’s interface.
  • Now test the service by sending a test SMS.
  • Once you are satisfied with the results of the OTP, purchase a paid account from the provider and deploy it to your entire system.

What is the OTP verification code service?

An OTP verification code service validates the identity of users during online transactions or account logins. The service generates and delivers a unique numeric or alphanumeric code to the user’s registered mobile number or email address. The user enters this number or code back into the system to verify themselves.

Who are the OTP providers?

SMSCountry is one of the best OTP service providers.

How does OTP service work?

OTP service generates a unique code and sends it to a registered user’s mobile number or email address upon request. The user must enter this code to authenticate their identity during online transactions or logging into their account. OTPs are random codes valid for a single use or a limited period.

Which company provides OTP service in India?

SMSCountry is the best OTP service provider in India. We provide the fastest bulk OTP service through a secured gateway, ensuring your transactions are 100% secure. We are the pioneers of bulk SMS marketing platforms.

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