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10 Creative Ways to Use SMS Discounts (+Discount Message Examples)

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Do you want powerful examples of how to use discount messages to boost sales?

We’ll unveil 10 inspiring strategies to use SMS discounts and write a discount message offer, with examples that hit the mark. 

Ready? Let’s jump in.

What are the different types of SMS discounts?

Here are five types of discounts you can promote via SMS.

Percentage discounts

Your customers love percentage discounts. There are percentage deductions that lead customers to buy at a lesser-than-normal price.

Here’s an example of a percentage discount SMS message.

Get 25% off your next purchase with code SAVE25!”.

discount messages example of a percentage discount SMS message

This creates an instant appeal and drives customers to act.

Flat rate discounts

Flat rate discounts are fixed deductions off the customer’s bills. Unlike 

percentage discounts.

Flat rate discounts make an offer look straightforward and compelling. Take this SMS discount message, for example.

“Enjoy $10 off any order over $50! Use code DISCOUNT10 at checkout”.

discount messages example of a flat rate discount SMS message

Short and to the point. This motivates customers to reach the specified purchase threshold.

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Free shipping discounts

This is self-explanatory. Who doesn’t love free shipping?

Free shipping SMS discounts are game-changers. Send a message saying:

“Today only! Enjoy free shipping on all orders. No minimum purchase required. Use code 


discount messages example of a free shipping discount SMS message

This type of SMS removes barriers and encourages immediate purchases.

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Buy-one-get-one (BOGO) discounts

BOGO discounts create a sense of excitement and value. Craft a discount SMS message like this example:

“Buy one pair of shoes, purchase the second pair 50% off! Limited stock is available. Hurry, visit our store, or use code BOGOSHOES online!”

discount messages example of a buy-one-get-one discount SMS message

Limited-time discounts

Creating a sense of urgency can significantly impact consumer behaviour.

It’s popularly known as FOMO. Meaning the “fear of missing out” on a good deal. Use SMS to announce time-sensitive discounts.

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Here’s a powerful example of a lifetime discount message:

“Flash Sale Alert! Get 30% off all items for the next 24 hours. Don’t miss out! Use code FLASH30.”

discount messages example of a limited time offer or FOMO discount SMS message

Those are the five types and examples of SMS discount messages. How can you customise them to suit your needs?

Let’s get creative.

10 unique ways to use SMS discounts to boost sales (with discount message examples)

This section shows you 10 unique ways to create interactive discount campaigns. These discount message examples will help you attract your audience and boost sales.

1. Flash sale discount alerts

We live in a fast-paced world of e-commerce. And flash sale alerts are a proven strategy to create a sense of urgency.

They drive immediate sales.

Flash sales alerts typically offer time-limited discounts on select products. They entice customers to purchase before the sale ends.

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Here’s how to effectively apply flash sale alerts in your e-commerce business.

Example: “🔥 Don’t Miss Out on Our 24-Hour Flash Sale! Get 40% off on all items. Use code FLASH40 at checkout. Shop now and get the latest supplies for your organisation!”

2. Personalised birthday discount offers

Personalised birthday offers are the secret to winning hearts. They create lasting customer loyalty.

Tailor special discounts and surprises to your customers on their birthdays. You’ll keep 

them coming back for more.

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Here’s how it works.

Imagine it’s their birthday. And you send them a heartfelt message like this:

“🎉 Happy Birthday, [Client’s Name]! Enjoy an exclusive 20% off your next health check-up with code BDAY20. Let’s make this year your healthiest one yet!”

3. Time-sensitive deal countdowns

Want to boost sales in the blink of an eye? Create a sense of urgency. Time-sensitive deal countdowns are your secret weapon.

Your customers will scramble to take advantage of your limited-time offers before it’s too late. This creates excitement and compels customers to purchase before time runs out. 

Here’s the deal.

You have a hot sale going on. You can send a discount message with a coupon code, like in this example:

“⏰ Quick! Only 24 hours left to snag a jaw-dropping 50% off your next delivery. Order from your favourite brand today and use the code COUNTDOWN50 at checkout.”

4. Refer-a-friend incentives

Want a good recommendation? Refer-a-friend incentives will do.

Harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing. It’ll turn your customers into brand 


It’s a win-win situation. It’ll keep the referrals flowing in and the rewards multiplying. You reward both the referrer and the referred friend.

Here’s how it works. Send a special message like this:

“💌 Hey [Customer Name]! You’re officially our superstar ambassador! Refer a friend, and get 2% extra on your next savings plan. Spread the joy!”

Use this discount example template to create a refer-a-friend SMS invitation.

5. New product launch promotions

So, you’re ready to make a grand entrance into the market.

There’s so much excitement, and customers can’t wait to get their hands 

on your latest masterpiece.

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Here’s the scoop.

Imagine the anticipation as you unveil your new product to the world. Then use this discount message example to accompany that anticipation, like this:

“🚀 Get ready for lift! Introducing [Product Name], designed to revolutionise your [Industry]. Be among the first to enjoy 20% off during the launch week.

6. Scavenger hunt sales discounts

Transform your customers into savvy treasure hunters with a thrilling quest.

Their task is to find hidden discounts and unlock incredible savings.

Customers will search high and low, following clues and unlocking exclusive discounts.

How? Here’s an example of a scavenger hunt sale with a discount offer message:

“🔍 Calling all adventurers! Join the ultimate shopping quest. Hunt for hidden discount codes across our website to enjoy savings ranging from 10% to 50% off.”

7. Abandoned cart reminders

Ever wondered what happens to abandoned shopping carts?

Your customers got so close to buying but got distracted along the way. It’s time to bring them back.

Reignite their interest. Provide that extra nudge they need to come back and complete 

the purchase.

Here’s how.

Send a friendly reminder message with an offer like this:

“🛒 [Customer Name]! We noticed you left something special in your cart. 

Don’t let it slip away! Complete your purchase now at 10% less!”

8. Upsell or cross-sell discounts

Want higher average order value and customer satisfaction at the same time?

Then, offer to upsell and cross-sell discounts.

Send enticing discount messages to tempt customers to explore additional options. This takes their shopping experience to the next level.

Here’s the scoop.

Let’s say a customer is about to purchase a smartphone from your online store.

You can present them with a message like this:

“📱 Upgrade Alert! You’re about to own the latest smartphone model. Add our premium accessory bundle at a discounted price of 25%.”

This discount message example allows your customers to level up. Offer them complementary products that enhance their original purchase. 

9. SMS discounts to increase social media engagement

Do you want to boost your social media presence? 

SMS discounts create a buzz around your brand on social media. It encourages user-generated content.

Send a message like this to your customers:

“📲 Love our products? Share your favourite item on Instagram and tag us [@yourhandle] for a chance to win a 20% discount on your next purchase!”

10. Encourage post-purchase behaviour

The journey doesn’t end after a customer makes a purchase. It’s just the beginning.

Turn that opportunity into a long-lasting relationship. Use SMS discounts to follow up after customers purchase. This encourages customers to provide feedback.

Use this example to send a discount offer message to encourage post-purchase engagement.

“🎉 We appreciate your recent booking! Show us some love by leaving a review on our website, and we’ll reward you with a 15% discount on your next booking.”

How to write a discount offer message?

Compelling discount text message offers perform magic. They capture your audience’s attention and drive them to take action.

Consider these tips (as applied in the examples above) when crafting discount offer messages:

  • Use a captivating headline: That’s step number one. Grab your audience’s attention from the get-go. A catchy and compelling headline highlights the value of your discount.
  • Be clear: Communicate the details of your discount. Like the percentage or dollar amount off, any specific products or services included, and any restrictions or expiration dates. This maintains trust.
  • Apply FOMO: Highlight limited-time availability. How? Use a countdown, for example. It creates the FOMO effect.
  • Highlight the benefits: Clearly outline how it adds value to the customer’s life. Be clear on why they should take advantage of the offer.
  • Be persuasive: Persuasive language evokes emotion and encourages action. Use words like “exclusive,” “limited,” “unbeatable,” or “don’t miss out”. They create excitement and a sense of urgency.
  • Include a strong call-to-action (CTA): This is key to conversion. Guide your audience on what to do next. Use words like “Shop Now,” “Claim Your Discount,” or “Get Started”. It makes it easy for customers to take the desired action.

We’re finally at the end of this guide.

Always write captivating discount offer messages. It’s an art that requires a balance of:

  • compelling language
  • clear communication, and
  • persuasive elements.

It’s time to put these strategies into action. Start crafting your irresistible discount offer messages.

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