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50+ Easter SMS Greetings and Wishes to Delight Your Customers (With Templates and Quotes)

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We understand crafting the best Easter SMS greetings and wishes can be tricky. So don’t waste time searching – we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to wow your customers with these ready-made Easter SMS greetings and warm wishes. 

You only need to copy, paste, customise, and send

We also include tips to help you get the best from your easter messages.

Let’s go!

50+ Happy Easter SMS greetings and wishes in 2024 

So that you can easily find the perfect easter message you need, we grouped them into different categories.

See the list and jump to where interests you.

Generic happy Easter SMS greetings

Generic Easter SMS messages

Wishing you a delightful Easter filled with sunshine and smiles! May your day be warm and joyful, just like the springtime weather. {Your Business Name}

From our family to yours, wishing you a Happy Easter filled with precious memories! We hope you have a relaxing day filled with cherished moments with loved ones. {Your Business Name}

Sending you warm Easter wishes and springtime cheer! May this Easter bring you peace, happiness, and all the season’s blessings. {Your Business Name} 

Easter SMS wishes to customers

Easter SMS wishes to customers

Thank you for being a loyal customer all these years! Wishing you a happy and joyful Easter from everyone at [Your Business Name]. {Your Business Name} 

Hi {Customer}, wishing you a happy Easter filled with sweet treats and happy memories! We appreciate your support, kind words and friendly face. {Business Name}

May your Easter basket overflow with joy and blessings! We hope you have a wonderful Easter filled with delicious food, good company, and all the things that make this holiday special. {Your Business Name}

Easter SMS greetings to associates

Easter SMS wishes to associates

Happy Easter, team! Wishing you a day filled with sunshine, chocolate bunnies, and maybe even a win on the egg hunt! {Your Business Name}

Forget the spreadsheets for a sec! Wishing you a relaxing Easter filled with family, fun, and delicious food (don’t forget the pie!). {Your Business Name}

May your Easter basket overflow with joy, laughter, and maybe a few extra jellybeans for good measure! Happy Easter, everyone! {Your Business Name}

Work can wait. Easter cheer can’t! Wishing you a joyous Easter filled with heartwarming moments and sweet treats. {Your Business Name}

Here’s to an Easter egg-stravaganza of happiness! Enjoy your well-deserved break, team. Happy Easter! {Your Business Name}

Happy Easter sunday wishes

Religious Easter SMS messages

Wishing you a blessed Easter filled with the joy of renewal and the warmth of faith. {Your Business Name}

May the spirit of Easter fill your heart with peace, hope, and divine blessings. Happy Easter! ️{Your Business Name}

On this holy day, let us celebrate the miracle of resurrection and the promise of eternal life. Happy Easter! {Your Business Name}

Sending warm Easter wishes! May the light of Christ shine brightly on you and your loved ones. ⛪ {Your Business Name}

May your Easter be filled with faith, family, and the blessings of the season. Happy Easter! ‍‍‍{Your Business Name}

Happy Easter SMS greetings to employees

Easter SMS message templates to employees

Peeps out! Happy Easter to our amazing employees! Wishing you a relaxing and joyful holiday weekend. {Your Business Name}

Work hard, play hard! Take some time to unwind and enjoy Easter with your loved ones. Enjoy your much-deserved Easter break. Happy Easter! {Your Business Name}

You’re the yolks of our company! Happy Easter to our fantastic team. Enjoy the break, you deserve it! {Your Business Name}

Thanks for all you do! Wishing you a delightful Easter filled with laughter, sunshine, and chocolate bunnies galore! ☀️ {Your Business Name}

Here’s to an Easter egg-cellent time with your loved ones! Happy Easter, team! {Your Business Name}

Happy Easter SMS greetings for business partners

Easter SMS wishes to business partners

Wishing you and your team a prosperous Easter filled with happy tidings and sweet treats! {Your Business Name}

May this Easter bring renewed partnerships, a bountiful harvest of success, and a joy-filled season. Happy Easter! {Your Business Name}

Cheers to our fruitful collaboration! Wishing you a joyous Easter weekend filled with peace and prosperity. {Your Business Name}

Here’s to strong partnerships that blossom like spring flowers! Happy Easter from all of us. {Your Business Name}

Wishing you a delightful Easter filled with family, fun, and fruitful business endeavours in the months ahead. Happy Easter! {Your Business Name}

Easter messages for retail businesses

Retail Industry easter messages

Ditch the dye and shop dye-lightful deals. Enjoy [discount]% off your entire Easter wardrobe this weekend. Sale ends [date]. Happy Easter. {Your Business Name}

Feeling egg-stra peckish for some retail therapy? Enjoy [discount]% off your entire purchase this weekend. Hoppy Easter. {Your Business Name}

Looking for the perfect Easter basket fillers? Shop our curated collection of Easter gifts and enjoy free shipping on orders over [amount]. {Your Business Name}

Easter messages for restaurants

Restaurant Industry easter messages to send to customers

Skip the kitchen chaos this Easter. Enjoy a delicious Easter brunch buffet for only [price] per person. Book your reservation today. {Your Business Name}

Wishing you a delightful Easter filled with family and flavour. We’re brewing up a special Easter egg-nog latte – hop on in and try it this weekend.

{Name}, treat yourself and your loved ones to a healthy and delicious Easter meal at [Your Restaurant Name]. Reserve your table today. {Your Business Name}

Easter messages for travel and hospitality businesses

50+ Easter SMS Greetings and Wishes to Delight Your Customers (With Templates and Quotes) | Travel and Hospitality Industry

Spring has sprung. Escape the ordinary with an unforgettable Easter getaway. Book your stay at [Your Hotel Name] and enjoy [special offer]. Happy Easter. {Your Business Name}

{Your Travel Agency Name} wishes you a Happy Easter season full of love. Explore new horizons with our special Easter travel packages. [link to offer]

{Customer’s name}, embrace the spirit of Easter with a rejuvenating stay at our peaceful retreat. Book your escape today. [offer link] {Your Spa Resort Name}

Easter messages for beauty and wellness businesses

Beauty and Wellness Industry

Spring forward with a radiant glow! Enjoy [discount]% off all facial treatments this Easter weekend. Happy Easter! {Your Spa Name} 

Feeling egg-stra stressed this Easter? Treat yourself to a relaxing massage and unwind. Book your Easter spa day today! {Your Salon Name} 

{Name} “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” Embrace your inner beauty this Easter with our limited-editions. [link] {Your Cosmetics Brand Name}

Easter messages for education businesses

Education Industry easter messages

Wishing all our students and families a happy and egg-citing Easter! {Your School Name} (Simple and heartfelt message)

Hop into learning this Easter! Join us for our fun-filled Easter egg hunt event on [date] at [time]. Don’t miss out! {Your Children’s Activity Center Name} 

{Customer’s name}, Happy Easter from your friends at [Your Library Name]! We’re open all weekend for all your bookworm needs. {Your Library Name}

Easter messages for healthcare businesses

Health Industry easter messages

Wishing you a healthy and hoppy Easter! Follow these tips for staying active and healthy during the holidays: [link to blog post]. {Your Fitness Center Name}

Hi {Customer}, feeling run down this Easter? Schedule a spring checkup with us and hop into better health! {Your Doctor’s Office Name}

Wishing you a healthy Easter from [Your Health Food Store Name]! Shop our selection of fresh produce and healthy snacks. {Your Health Food Store Name}

Promotional Easter SMS greetings and wishes

Promotional SMS greetings for easter

Hi {Customer}, treat yourself (and your sweet tooth!) to [discount]% off your entire purchase this Easter. Use code EASTERHOP at checkout. {Your Business Name}

Remember those fun Easter hunts? Enjoy a different kind of treasure hunt. FREE shipping on all orders over [amount] this Easter weekend. {Your Business Name}

Looking for the perfect Easter basket surprise? Shop our exclusive Easter gift collection and enjoy [discount] off! {Your Business Name}

Check out our list of promotional SMS messages.

Inspirational Easter quotes

1. “Let everything you do be done in love.” – 1 Corinthians 16:14 [copy button]

2. “Easter spells out beauty, the rare beauty of new life.” – S.D. Gordon [copy button]

3. “Easter is very important to me. It’s a second chance.” – Reba McEntire [copy button]

4. “Spring adds new life and new joy to all that is.” – Jessica Harrelson [copy button]

5. “It’s when you crack open a chocolate Easter egg, that smiles emerge.” – Anthony T. Hicks [copy button]

6. “April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.” – William Shakespeare [copy button]

7. “That is one good thing about this world, there are always sure to be more springs.” – L.M Montgomery [copy button]

8. “I must have flowers, always and always.” – Claude Monet [copy button]

9. “The Easter egg symbolises our ability to break out of the hardened, protective shell we’ve surrounded ourselves with.” – Siobhan Shaw [copy button]

10. “I still believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and true love. Don’t even try to tell me differently.” – Dolly Parton [copy button]

11. “We proclaim the resurrection of Christ when his light illuminates the dark moments of our existence.” – Pope Francis [copy button]

12. “The Earth laughs in flowers.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson [copy button]

13. “The great gift of Easter is hope.” – Basil Hume [copy button]

14. “Faith makes all things possible. Love makes all things easy.” – Dwight L. Moody [copy button]

15. “Where flowers bloom, so does hope.” – Lady Bird Johnson [copy button]

16. “There would be no Christmas if there was no Easter.” – Gordon B. Hinckley [copy button]

17. “Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.” – Virgil A. Kraft [copy button]

18. “The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise.” – Carl Knudsen [copy button]

19. “You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.” – Pablo Neruda [copy button]

20. “The very first Easter taught us this: that life never ends and love never dies.” – Kate McGahan [copy button]

21. “As for me, I will follow the path of the pink bunnies.” – Magenta Periwinkle [copy button]

22. “Every day is a renewal, every morning the daily miracle. This joy you feel is life.” – Gertrude Stein [copy button]

23. “Then came the healing time, hearts started to shine, soul felt so fine, oh what a freeing time it was.” – Aberjhani [copy button]

24. “Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.” – Mahatma Gandhi [copy button]

25. “My sun sets to rise again.” – Robert Browning [copy button]

26. “Even the smallest one can change the world.” – Peter Rabbit [copy button]

27. “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.” – Anne Frank [copy button]

28. “Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair.” – Susan Polis Schutz [copy button]

29. “If you want to be reminded of the love of the Lord, just watch the sunrise.” – Jeannette Walls [copy button]

30. “In all this world there is nothing so beautiful as a happy child on Easter.” – L. Frank Baum [copy button]

31. “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” – John 20:29 [copy button]

32. “Easter. The joy of candy, colours, creativity and costuming. A season unlike any other.” – Grant Morrison [copy button]

33. “Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life.” – Janine di Giovanni [copy button]

34. “For I remember it is Easter morn, And life and love and peace are all newborn, And joy has triumphed over loss and pain.” – Alice Freeman Palmer [copy button]

35. “A true friend is someone who thinks you’re a good egg, even if you’re cracked.” – Unknown [copy button]

36. “Let your light shine before others.” – Matthew 5:16 [copy button]

37. “The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day He created spring.” – Bernard Williams [copy button]

38. “Easter says you can put truth in a grave, but it won’t stay there.” – Clarence W. Hall [copy button]

39. “The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction and the opportunity to start over no matter what my circumstances.” – Robert Flatt [copy button]

40. “It is the hour to rend thy chains, The blossom time of souls.” – Katherine Lee Bates [copy button]

41. “He knows the way because He is the way.” – Elder Jeffrey R. Holland [copy button]

42. “Easter is an opportunity to thank our Lord, Jesus Christ for His ultimate sacrifice, and to live in gratitude for His cleansing of our sins.” – Unknown [copy button]

43. “The Lord is risen today. Let us sing and rejoice as part of the congregation of the faithful in this most blessed celebration.” – Unknown [copy button]

44. “Easter is the demonstration of God that life is essentially spiritual and timeless.” – Charles M. Crowe [copy button]

45. “The doctor of the future will interest his patients in the cause and prevention of disease.” – Thomas Edison [copy button]

46. “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert [copy button]

47. “The more you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss [copy button]

Send these templates and quotes and watch the engagement unfold. Easter SMS greetings are more than just text. But what makes them bridges to lasting relationships?

The power of Easter SMS greetings for your business

Most communication methods today are stale.

You need fresh tactics to gain your customer’s attention. Here’s why SMS greetings and good wishes spice up your Easter campaigns.

  • Customer engagement: SMSes are surprising, quick, and leave your customers coming back for more. They know you’ll always have lucrative offers for them.
  • Brand awareness: Be the bright spot in their day, no matter their mood. Timely SMS keeps your brand top-of-mind.
  • Sales promotions: Announce irresistible Easter deals and watch sales multiply like bunnies. SMS drives sales and repeat business.

Stop messages from disappearing. Don’t let your Easter greetings and wishes get lost in the digital void. SMSCountry guarantees delivery straight to customer inboxes. Learn more about SMSCountry and request a demo ASAP.

Crafting the perfect Easter SMS greetings message for your customers

Here’s how to hit your target with powerful Easter SMS wishes.

  • Personalise for impact. Tailor messages to different customer groups for maximum engagement.
  • Less is more. Craft concise, impactful messages that respect character limits.
  • Friendly and fun = better sales. Maintain a light and cheerful tone that reflects the Easter spirit and drives sales.
  • Compelling Call to Action (CTA). Do you want them to visit your store, use a discount code, or simply receive Easter greetings? Tell your audience exactly what action you desire. Be clear and upfront with your Call to Action (CTA). Don’t bury it in flowery language.
  • Timing is everything. Schedule your message delivery for a strategic time. Like, the day before Easter or during peak shopping hours.
  • Segment your audience. Don’t send the same message to everyone. Instead, tailor your offers and Easter greetings based on past purchases or interests.
  • Think outside the basket. Get creative. A fun Easter-themed pun or reference will grab their attention and make them smile.
  • Emoji power (less is more). A well-placed emoji adds personality and a touch of festivity to your Easter SMS wishes. But remember, too many cooks spoil the broth. Emojis should enhance your message, not overwhelm it.

Stop waiting, grow your business.

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