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6 Amazing Benefits of Bulk SMS Your Healthcare Business is Missing

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Every business needs bulk SMS, most just haven’t realised it yet. But bulk SMS for your healthcare businesses is like blood for your patients.

Surviving without it would be a miracle.

Asides from boosting your quality of service and attracting more patients, bulk SMS holds more benefits you’ve never heard of. 

That’s why we have written this article.

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By the end of this article, you will understand how to make your patients more convenient. And gain more revenue, all with bulk SMS.

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What are the benefits of bulk SMS for the healthcare industry

Many healthcare providers use bulk SMS services to effectively communicate with patients and other medical teams. Bulk SMS services for hospitals provide many advantages.

Let’s look at some of its most substantial benefits for hospitals.

Appointment reminders

a Bulk SMS for healthcare patients reminding them of an appointment

How frustrating is it when a patient schedules an appointment but fails to show up? Because you can’t always predict if a patient will show up or miss appointments, it is essential to have a bulk SMS service to send reminders and inquire if they’re coming or not.

So, it is important to have bulk SMS for scheduling hospital appointments for all patients. You can even use bulk SMS to send a notification or a reminder to your patients to encourage them to show up at the hospital on a specific date and day. 

If you are using bulk SMS services, you must prepare a relevant text message for the entire week, which should be automatically sent to patients on the scheduled appointment day.  We have a library of 45+ SMS templates for healthcare that you can copy and use for free.

In any case, if an appointment gets cancelled for any reason, a text message will serve as the primary means of communication with all patients.

Information on health and dieting tips

Things will continue to evolve in the healthcare field. There will be medications that a patient may have used a few years ago but would not be suitable for their health now. In that case, it is wise to use bulk SMS to alert them. 

One of the most important things you should also do with bulk SMS is keep track of your patients. Most healthcare professionals and hospitals give health guidelines to all patients on a monthly, weekly, daily, biweekly, or other basis. It might significantly improve the patient’s overall health.

Internal communication

Bulk SMS services are an excellent way to communicate with your hospital’s professionals. Hospitals can use bulk SMS to change shift schedules or notify employees about emergency updates.

With the help of the text messaging service, you can immediately inform your medical staff and admin about an emergency case, such as ER crises, OT wait times, new patient enrollment, and more. 

Bulk SMS is also a perfect way to organise your workforce and present them with all of the necessary updates so that you can consistently improve your accomplishments.

Easy campaign

You can use our bulk SMS service to create a health awareness campaign and promote it. If you don’t want to spend money on a TV commercial, a newspaper ad, or anything else, you can use the bulk SMS Service to promote your campaign.

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Most hospitals do not appreciate their patients’ patronage, which is also something to consider. It will help if you put it into practice to stand out from the crowd. You can simply accomplish this by sending gratitude and appreciation cards to all of your patients, expressing gratitude for their assistance and patronage.

Medical reports on-the-go

A patient receiving his medical report via text message

Say no to long queues and agitated patients. With the bulk SMS Service, you can now send prescriptions, medical reports, pictures, diet plans, and SMS attachments.

SMSCountry makes sending SMSes to your patients easy, convenient and fast.

How healthcare companies can use SMS services

Many healthcare businesses now use SMS as a medium of communication. Patients can also acquire more information regarding their appointments and other concerns. It also helps doctors improve communication, reduce queues, and keep patients informed and satisfied with their service.

A medical doctor sending text messages to patients

Case study 

Doctor Robert Herman, a well-known orthodontic practitioner in the United States, has successfully implemented bulk SMS service in his dentistry practice and found it incredibly beneficial. According to Doctor Herman, patients were having trouble remembering appointments, and the missed appointments cost him a lot of money.

He began delivering personalised appointment reminders to his patients using SMS services, and the results were fantastic. Patients preferred this technology, allowing them to streamline and organise their practice.

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Moreover, Sunshine Hospital has been using bulk SMS services for quite a long time.

Sunshine hospital homepage I SMSCountry

Sunshine Hospitals is a 350-bed tertiary care hospital with more than 30 specialities. The hospital was established to provide high-quality care to all of its patients in a patient-friendly atmosphere, focusing on clinical excellence, patient safety and dignity, transparency and affordability, and patient mobility to high-quality care.

How Sunshine Hospitals use bulk SMS service

Scheduling appointments

Scheduling appointments has never been easier or more convenient due to SMS messaging. Simply sending a text message to the patients might remind them of the consultation time and date. It’s the most effective way to keep people informed about their appointments without bothering them.


Dear Alex

Your appointment with Dr Charles has been scheduled for tomorrow at 12 PM.

Sending payment reminder SMS

You can share the payment link with the patients so that they can pay through it. Payment reminders can be sent to your patients/clients who have not paid their bills using bulk SMS.


Your hospital bill number 6234 is due for payment. Please pay via this link ___________

Sending health tips

A Doctor sending their patients health tips via SMS

Bulk SMS service can be used to deliver health tips to avoid common illnesses such as colds and coughs, headaches, and stomachaches. Encouraging your patients to look after themselves can go a long way toward strengthening your relationship with them and educating them.


“Headaches can cause dehydration. Include an ample amount of liquid in your diet. Check out the benefits of drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Read this article.”

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How your healthcare business can use the SMSCountry text messaging platform

How Healthcare Business Can Use the SMSCountry Text Messaging service I SMSCountry

Finally, you know that bulk SMS won’t just save you money, it will bring in more revenue.

Now, you only need to pick the best SMS service for your business.

We recommend SMSCountry, one of the top Bulk SMS providers. For decades, SMSCountry has helped healthcare businesses like yours to gain more patients, promote health campaigns, and remind patients about appointments.

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