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How Your Real Estate Business Can Grow Quickly With Bulk SMS (+ 35+ Free Real Estate SMS Templates)

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Beyond marketing, the benefits of bulk SMS in real estate are many.

Its 98% open rate makes SMS the best business communication channel. 

And if you must succeed in the real estate industry, then you must be a great communicator. So, let’s help you become one.

In this article, we’ll show you the benefits of bulk SMS for real estate businesses. Then you will see the diverse ways that you as a real estate agent, property manager, or landlord can build trust, and maximise profit with bulk SMS.

But first, let’s discuss SMS marketing benefits in real estate.

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Key Benefits of Bulk SMS for Real Estate Marketing

Everybody has a mobile phone

A potential property buyer reading an SMS from a real estate agent

There are more phones than people in the world today (about two phones for every human). Meanwhile, about 92% of the world’s population has a phone that can send and receive text messages. This means you can reach whoever you want to with bulk SMS marketing.

Profiling and targeting clients

With bulk SMS, you can profile your potential clients based on their locations and habits. It is a more personal approach as you pitch them a property to either buy or rent. Besides, you have a higher probability of closing a deal with a profiled client.

A husband and wife searching for a new home to buy

Best for sales support

Like in every other industry, the buyer and the seller do not stop communicating after the sale. In the real estate industry, clients make huge investments. So it is necessary to give them support before and after the sale. Hence, bulk SMS messaging is the best way to provide quick support without the barriers of a cluttered email inbox or poor internet service.

People open SMS quicker

People read SMS faster than they would check their emails. SMS recipients will read 82% of text messages within five minutes of reception. No other form of communication or marketing strategy comes close. It means that you would get your responses from prospects faster with SMS. And we all know that time is of the essence, especially in the world of real estate.

A lady reading property listing SMS from a real estate agent

People prefer text marketing

Both senders and receivers love SMS. In fact, a study has shown that 62% of home buyers prefer to get property details via SMS. The reasons for this are not far-fetched; SMS need less effort to send and read. Also, an SMS consists of about 160 characters which mean the information is short, direct, and easy to digest. In addition, people find SMS to be more familiar than other marketing channels. So why would you want to reach people with any other means than the one they prefer?

It is cost effective

A real estate agent making payment for bulk SMS marketing

SMS marketing costs a fraction of email marketing but delivers way more ROI. Each SMS costs a few cents, and you only pay for what you use.

Information won’t get lost

With emails, your message can disappear into the junk/ spam folder. It could also get lost in the promotions folder, that’s if your email is delivered. But with SMS, they only have one place to go – the SMS Inbox. It is reliable, and you can count on your messages being read.

a real estate customer overwhelmed with emails from agents

As we have seen, using SMS to market your real estate properties is a no-brainer. The benefits are more than you would get with other marketing strategies.

But asides from marketing, how else can real estate businesses use SMS messaging?

Let us see some use cases below.

How Real Estate Companies can use SMS Services

Below we will show you how real estate companies can use bulk SMS services. We will also cite some examples of companies that have done so in the past.

Suffolk Property Management is a real estate management company in Boston, United States. Bulk SMS messaging increased their revenue by over $50,000 within the first two months of adoption.

How did they do it?

They set up a system where the salesperson receives a text message every time someone visits the company website. As soon as they see the text message with the contact details, they make the call. Nine times out of ten, they close the deal within minutes. That is one brilliant way to use SMS because they got a lead in the fastest way possible and swung into action immediately.

A property buyer chatting with a real estate agent via text

In this scenario, you can choose to respond to the lead via a text message or a phone call.

There are other ways that real estate businesses can use bulk SMS as you will see below:

Set appointments and reminders

Real estate agents who have arranged property viewings with their leads can send addresses of the property via SMS. You can also send an SMS to remind the client of the appointment. These SMS can be scheduled on the bulk SMS platform.

A tenant reading rent reminder text from her landlord

Rent reminder

Landlords and property managers can use bulk SMS to remind tenants of their rent payments. This could be before the due date and after – when the rent is overdue.

35+ Free SMS Templates to Increase Your Real Estate Sales

Tenant notification

Managing a real estate property may be a lot of work but SMS makes everything easier. So if there are scheduled repairs or a road is blocked, or scheduled maintenance in the building, the residents have to be informed. So instead of calling them individually, you can send a bulk SMS. This is quicker and it saves you time and effort.

Notification about new listings

Real estate companies can notify visitors to their websites about new property listings that they may be interested in based on their website search history. This helps the clients find their desired properties quickly and helps you sell or rent out your listed properties faster.

A real estate agent notifying a buyer about a property price drop

Notification text for your sellers

Imagine booking a viewing on a day that the seller won’t be around. Or worse still, they happen to organise a party on that day! To avoid this impending disaster, simply send a notification text to the property seller/owner so that they are in the loop. You can also schedule automated reminders about the property viewings so that they stay prepared.

A couple buying a new house for the first time from a real estate company

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Update SMS to sellers and buyers

If there is a price update on a property, you need to inform the buyer who has shown interest in the said property. On the flip side, if a buyer loses interest in a property, you need to notify the property owner, especially if a viewing had been scheduled before. This helps to keep everybody in the loop.

As we have said before, the impact of bulk SMS in the real estate industry is huge, and the results are mind-blowing.

Having said all these, it is important to note that doing the following three things can scare your contacts away;

  • Sending them content that they do not find meaningful.
  • Sending them too many messages.
  • Texting them at the wrong times.

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35+ Free SMS Templates to Increase Your Real Estate Sales

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