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35+ Interesting SMS Marketing Statistics in 2024 (+ Actionable Best Practices)

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As the use of SMS increases, what are some SMS marketing statistics you need to know?

For example, consumers today, especially the millennials and Gen-Z, prefer texting and SMS as their preferred way of communication.

So to help you stay updated and inform your business plans,  we’ve compiled this SMS marketing report. We consulted many SMS marketing reporting tools and resources to assemble this report.

This text message marketing report includes vital SMS statistics categorized by industries, regions, age groups, and business sizes.

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SMS marketing report: How big is the SMS industry?

The SMS industry has grown massively over the years. SMS was introduced in 1980 and was only used to send weather news and essential updates.

But now, it has been adopted by businesses worldwide and touches nearly every aspect of the consumer’s lives. In this article we’d walk through some industry SMS marketing statistics or reports.

Let’s take a look at how big this industry is now:

Pie Chart showing world population that uses SMS

General SMS text messaging statistics in 2024

To decide on whether to use SMS for marketing or not, you first need to look at some specific text message marketing statistics for your industry or use case type.

There are, however, some statistics that you can consider for every industry and case type. So let’s have a look at some text messaging statistics that are generally true for every business:

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General SMS statistics from 2020 to 2025

Source: Maximize market research 

How can you use this SMS report? 

As you see from the latest SMS marketing trends, SMS is an ever-growing channel with tremendous potential. People are slowly moving from social media, such as Facebook Messenger, to SMS. 

According to SMS reports you’ve read so far, even customers are willing to opt-in for promotional SMS because it is an easy and quick channel to receive information.

Hence, without further delay, you should invest a portion of your marketing budget in having customers sign up.

Even with new social media platforms, SMS is still effective. Download our guide on Why SMS is still effective.

SMS statistics by age

Text messaging can massively benefit your business, whether your target audience includes children, adults, or parents.

But which age groups respond the best to SMS? 

The answer is hidden in the following SMS statistics:

SMS statistics by age

How can you use this SMS report? 

Armed with these SMS marketing stats, you can design an SMS promotion for your target demographic. 

As seen, 18-24-year-olds use SMS at least 128 times daily. This is your prime market for SMS promotions. Identify this age range in your existing customer base.

Start interacting with them on SMS. Conversion is easy if you ensure your content is clear and communicates with this audience. 

You could also move on to the other age groups, 25-34 and 45-54 years. 

Ensure you analyse your audience and their habits when interacting with your SMS content, as it helps with insights into customer behaviour. 

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SMS statistics by country and regions

The SMS statistics by country and region hold massive importance for your business. 

You can use these text messaging statistics to determine the state of SMS usage in your targeted countries.

Here are some statistics to shed some light on the state of SMS usage in different regions:

How can you use this SMS report? 

With this SMS messaging data, you now know that the USA, China and India are prime markets to launch your product using SMS marketing. That is why more than 80% of the business owners and marketers used SMS in 2023, as per recent SMS mobile marketing statistics. 

Did you know there are 272 million cell phones in the US? The reach and the traffic your brand gets are unimaginable. 

Because you’re here, find out the 6 Texting and SMS Habits in 2024 in the USA.

SMS statistics by industry 

Every industry has different uses for SMS.

To see how effective SMS has been for other players in your industry, you need to look at the data and see if SMS is successful in your industry.

This is where these SMS industry statistics can help you:

SMS statistics by industry 

Source: Maximise Market Research

How can you use this SMS report? 

Real estate, retail and automotive businesses see the highest usage of SMS. 

It’s a no-brainer if your business is in the same sector. You need to start your SMS marketing.

Retailers have shown increased spending in their SMS budget. This means customers interact more, and the ROI is as high as 300%.

So, if you’re in the retail industry, don’t wait. Start SMS marketing now. 

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SMS marketing statistics: Why is SMS still effective?

SMS Marketing Statistics Report 2023 | Inforgraphic shows all the stats related to SMS and how effective to use now compared to emails.

Do you think SMS is outdated?

Look at the SMS marketing numbers from some of  the prominent SMS benchmark report that still makes SMS effective to this day

  • The SMS open rate is 98%, which makes it the most effective channel to get your brand message out worldwide.
  • 45% is the response rate of SMS, which is nine times higher than email.
  • 90% of customers prefer that businesses contact them via SMS, forcing companies to get an SMS solution at all costs. 
  • 42% of customers like to receive promotional offers via SMS because of fast and easy access to SMS.
  • 75% of customers prefer that special offers be sent via SMS.

How do businesses use SMS? 

Let’s look at some statistics to see how different businesses are using SMS:

  • 26% of businesses use SMS to send promotionally discounted offers to their customer, making it easy for them to stay updated.
  • 63% of companies use SMS to schedule customer appointments to avoid no-shows.
  • 93% of organisations use OTP to verify user logins and payment requests.
  • E-commerce businesses saw a 251x return in 2021.

You’d find these 40+ eye-opening e-commerce stats useful.

How do businesses use SMS?

Source: ZipWhip

SMS marketing predictions: What’s the future of SMS? 

As things stand, SMS usage keeps increasing yearly, with no chance of decreasing soon.

Here are some SMSstatistics to show you what the future of SMS looks like:

SMS marketing predictions

Source: SMS Market Report

What’s next for you? 

So you read through our in-depth analysis of SMS statistics by industries, age groups, business sizes, countries, and regions. You also had a look at the statistics showing the importance of SMS for your business and how to use it.

However, as important as SMS marketing is, it is also crucial that you choose the right SMS provider to run your SMS campaigns.

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